Canon Announces the 6D, Its Smallest, Lightest, and Cheapest Full Frame DSLR

The leaked photos were authentic and the specs were spot on: Canon announced its new 6D DSLR this morning, the smallest, lightest, and cheapest full-frame camera in its lineup. At 690g, it’s 20% lighter than the 5D Mark III. The camera is Canon’s entry in the emerging “affordable full-frame” DSLR segment, which Nikon entered last week with its similarly named and similarly priced D600.

The Canon 6D features a 20.2 megapixel full frame sensor, an ISO range of 100-25600 (expandable to 50-102400), an 11-point AF system with a high-precision center cross-type point, 63-zone metering, 1080p HD video recording, 4.5fps continuous shooting, vibration-based dust removal, a shutter rated to 100K actuations, and a 3-inch LCD screen.

As the rumors stated, the camera offers built-in Wi-Fi and GPS. The wireless transmitter allows the camera to beam images to wireless devices, whether it’s another Wi-Fi-capable camera, a smartphone, or a computer. It can be paired with a new Canon EOS Remote app for iOS and Android devices for remote operation.

The GPS unit inside the camera allows photographers to geotag their photos, recording the longitude, latitude, elevation, and UTC time inside the images’ EXIF data.

For non-traditional photographers, the 6D offers some interesting creative modes. One is the built-in HDR feature, which lets you easily create HDR photos by shooting three bracketed exposures and then combining the images in-camera.

Want to shoot clone photos without Photoshop? No sweat. There’s a Multiple Exposure mode that lets you quickly shoot composite images, capturing 9 separate photos and stitching them into a single photo. It offers four different compositing modes: Additive, Average, Bright and Dark.

Here’s a video introducing the camera, which Canon calls “your entry into the full-frame world”:

The Canon 6D will cost $2,099 when it hits store shelves in December 2012.

As we stated yesterday, although the 6D is a whopping $1,400 less than its older sibling, the 5D Mark III, it’ll face fierce competition from its outdated older sibling, the 5D Mark II. The Mark II is still in production, and costs a couple hundred less. The 6D’s advantages over the Mark II are its portability, its faster speed (better processor and fps), its wider ISO range, and its special features.

  • krakers

    What about flash sync? 1/180?

  • Dave Van den Eynde

    Look! Exposure compensation to 3 stops!

  • Zta

    I don’t know… The added features are great, but new buttons layout =( And it looks like panning images won’t be as easy as before with the joystick and will likely result in accidentally scrolling the wheel because the two are so closely positioned. I also liked the big mode dial on my old 20D better than on my 5D (similar on 6D); with the new one I quite often dial it by accident when I put my camera into my bag, because the dial’s edges rolls on the bag’s side; 20D was more rounded and didn’t have rubber on the top edge.

  • perez

    sony a99 and nikon d600 seems way better

  • Elijah Alcantara

    Who needs wifi and gps =/ Eye-fi already fills that feature =| For the price I’m not that impressed =/ I will wait for the reviews if it’s noise reduction can be compared to the 5d mkiii (hopefully)

  • TK

    No CF version of EyeFi

  • Waleed Alzuhair

    Now that’s a catch

  • Waleed Alzuhair

    I think it will be influenced by any previous investment in lenses, too.

  • gothmoth

    i don´t care about a popup flash.. i never used it on my aps-c bodys.
    but 11 AF points and only ONE cross point AF sensor?
    this is not 2006 this is 2012 canon!!!
    and 180/s flash sync.. you must be kidding.
    and i thought the 200/s are bad enough but no you can cripple it even more canon…. :(
    i hope everyone will buy a D600.. and i say that as canon user…. maybe it´s time canon gets a kick in the a$$ and loses a big part of the market share.
    they are a layz bunch of people lately…. offering NOTHING that´s exciting.
    the viewfinder… bah……. i love FF not only because of the sensor but because of the VF.
    so i want 100% coverage.
    ah.. it´s a fail…. im so sick of canon releasing mediocre stuff lately.

  • gothmoth

    who needs wifi….
    you will hate shooting RAW …. it takes much too long to transfer the big RAW files.
    it´s a useless gimmick for the JPG facebook shooter crowd.
    this camera is an epic fail in my opinion.
    aimed at cluesles customers.. not serious amateur photographers.

    i thought canon will come up with something special…. but this is just a sensor pimped rebel.

  • Zta

    Why the camera/photo switch? Ditch the switch and paint the start/stop button red. Wouldn’t that be less complicated and easier to use? I want my camera to *always* be ready to take pictures, unless I’m actually in the middle of recording movie. I don’t want to have to remember to flip a silly switch. Or have I misunderstood how that buttons and switch work?

  • 9inchnail

    There are SD2CF adapters though. Anyone ever tried if the EyeFi works with one of those?

  • 432432432

    unfortunately.. or i would be a nikon users since the D800.

  • Jack Tomlinson

    Does the 5dM2 have All-I video? If it doesn’t, this certainly brings high quality Video to the budget crowd. That may be the kicker that makes this camera worth a couple hundred extra dollars.

  • Peter

    who buys this when he can get a 5D MK3 for 700 dollar more or a D600 for the same price?
    it´s a joke for 2099$… make it 1599$ and you may have a deal.

  • Mansgame

    Where are all the apologists now who were saying 1/200 on the D600 is only 1/3 of a stop less than the 1/250? 1/180 is only 1/4 of a stop less than 1/200! It’s no big deal! And tomorrow you’ll get 1/120 and the day after that you’ll get 1/60 sync speed and 40 MP’s and be good little boys and girls.

  • Randy Marsh

    I think both the Canon 6D and Nikon D600 are great offerings, and, most importantly, they lower the cost of admission for full-frame DSLR cameras. I think the D600 trumps the 6D in a number of areas, mainly AF points, a 100% viewfinder and dual card slots.

    As the owner of a D800, I am jealous that the 6D has built-in GPS. I find it interesting that Canon would offer such a feature on its 6D, but not its considerably more expensive 5D Mark III. That being said, both the 6D and D600 are missing what I consider to be a pro feature: the inclusion of CF card slots. They have been proven to be considerably faster than their SD counterparts.

    Nevertheless, I am glad to see that both Canon and Nikon are making an attempt to lower the cost of full-frame DSLR cameras.

  • Randy Marsh

    The 5D Mark III costs $3,500, which is $1,400 more expensive than the $2,100 6D. An extra $1,400 can buy you an L lens. Thus, if you are a landscape or architectural photographer and don’t necessarily need 61 AF points, the 6D — providing the sensor performs well in terms of dynamic range, color depth, etc. — should be a great offering from Canon.

    That being said, it would have been nice to see the AF sensor from the 7D make an appearance. Nevertheless, this should be a great camera for the Canon faithful that are looking to break into the full-frame DSLR market.

    The proud owner of a D800

  • Randy Marsh

    The A99 and D600 are two completely different cameras. That being said, I would take the D800 and 5D Mark III over the A99 any day. I am the former owner of an A77. While I was impressed by the 10 FPS, the low-light performance was a deal breaker for me. I can only imagine that the A99, with the same fixed mirror as the A77, will suffer in the area of low-light performance, at least compared to the D800 and 5D Mark III. Since low-light performance is one of the best things about a larger, full-frame sensor, this has to be a consideration for those who are looking into purchasing the A99.

    Other than my issue with the fixed-mirror, the A99 seems to be a nice offering.

  • seanlucky

    If the switch works the same way as on the 5D Mark III, it’s actually quite handy. When the switch is on camera mode, the button turns on liveview mode. When the switch is in video mode, the button starts/stops recording.

    Agreed on the joystick. I’ve always found the joystick found on other cameras to be the most handy thing of all time!

  • 43343423

    actually you are wrong.. you can get it for 2750$ body only.
    gets you facts straight…

  • Janjan

    if you look for deals you can get a 5D MK3 for way under 3000$

  • Nikon>Canon

    So it’s basically just a 5D Mark II, repackaged with a new name.


  • Wallerus


  • Mute

    Yes, the 6D is exactly the same as the 5d mk2, it offers no new features or improved technology…

  • 343

    und wievielw sprachen sprichst du stück scheiße?

  • alan

    worse than the 5dmkII in my opinion. The button layout is worst, no CF card. and as far as I can tell there’s no pc conection for flash

  • miki


  • 3×1

    wifi and gps chips cost what? 25$ ??
    lame…. and then onyl 11 AF points and not even all cross…

  • Bua

    The 5D called, it doesn’t want to renamed the 6D. It is also cross about the focus.

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    Doesn’t the D600 and 6D come with high speed sync when using external flash?

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    Ich bin ein Berliner! Ok, jk. I forgot my German. American’s are generally snobbish about their single language skills, no?

  • miki

    I would chose 5dmkII instead of the 6D. The “added” features are just gimmicks, nothing really useful

  • Mute

    It’s hard to recognise sarcasm on the internet.

  • Mute

    Whether they’re useful or not is entirely subjective, every one has different needs and wants. Personally I’d still get the mk2, over the 6d or mk3, because it does all I need to to, but other people have perfectly valid reasons to choose the 6d.

    Plus we have no idea how the 6d performs. It could out perform the mk2 in IQ in many areas. Or not. It’s too early to judge. If it did have improved IQ, better ISO performance, then I might actually choose the 6d, because those things matter to me.

  • Nick

    I think the added features on the 6D aren’t for everyone; I can live without most of them as well, sans the dual-card slot which is useful for me as a backup strategy. However at the price point the 6D is targeted towards pro-sumers and advanced amateurs, and I’m sure there will be a decent number of people in that category who will be attracted to the additions. Specifically the wi-fi, as plenty of people want to share and upload their photos as quick as possible.

    I believe the 6D is bit different than the 5D Mark II, but at least it will lower the cost of a nice refurb of one of those to the $1200-1500 range eventually.

  • Jason

    It s like they put a GT-R engine in a ford fiesta…but with fiesta gearbox.

  • Bryan Folstad

    I’d just get the 5D Mk II. It’s cheaper, and you can put Magic Lantern on it!

  • Tim

    Nobody seems to have mentioned weather sealing. Full frame and weather sealed with a 17-40L (also weather sealed), without the price tag of a MK3 would make a great little landscape camera,

  • Klimets Aleksey

    speed shutter 1/4000 bad ver bad

  • Elijah Alcantara

    I shoot JPG+RAW in a 5dmkiii , the CF fills with raw while the eye-fi pro is filled with jpeg. Eye-fi is my backup which works fast enough to upload directly to my ipad during a shoot (shuttersnitch). I agree that RAW using wifi is slow which is why I’m using jpeg backups instead but sometimes I wifi out my raws right *after the shoot instead of during.

  • Wallerus

    Actually, I speak a few. and I know the correct forms of Your, and You’re. Cursing me in German doesn’t exactly plead your case, but hey, we Americans are cocky about our language skills. I digress, and have a wonderful day.

  • GKC-UK

    OK, so here’s the story…
    I am an events photographer amongst other things. In an ideal world, I would like to have EOS 1DX with WiFi built-in. A, the 1DX is very expensive, B, you have to buy and plug-in a separate wifi dongle, (very important for events photography). In my kit bag, I have the following: EOS 40D, (ISO 1600), capable, dependable, slow. EOS 5D MKI, (ISO 1600), capable, dependable, slow, but I do have Wifi for it. EOS 6D, (ISO 25600), capable, dependable and quick, with built-in Wi-fi which, although not quite the same as separate Wi-fi, suits my workflow very well. It also has a very useable ISO range, giving me the ability to work in much lower lighting conditions than previously possible without flash.

    These things are tools. I didn’t go for the 5D MKII as it didn’t give me anything significantly better than I already had with the 5D MkI as I would have had to fork out £500 more for the Wifi unit too. In the relatively short time I’ve had the 6D, it has become my main work-horse. Yes, the focusing system could be marginally better and the viewfinder 100%, but those are the only things that are noticeable. For the money, £1800 when new, it was better specced and better value than a 5D MkII & Wifi , which together would cost around £2k. Also, it provides similar performance to the 5D MkIII, which if I bought that and added the Wi-fi unit would cost around £3k. Do the maths… Having said that, I will soon be looking to sell the 40D and 5D & Wi-fi to put them towards the 5D MKIII because I want one.

    That is my story. And for those of you thinking, ‘Pah!’, I am not someone just looking at paper specs and being for or against based on just reading about it, as most seem to be on here so-far. I went out and bought a 6D based on the promise of certain aspects of the spec and it has not disappointed. As for being an ‘amateur’ or ‘entry’ level camera, what is ‘amateur’ or ‘entry’ level when today’s equipment performs far better than the ‘pro’ level equipment of just 5/6 years ago, (1D MKIII etc)?

    Buy the kit you need and can afford and use it ’til it falls to pieces!