Make a DIY Bounce Wall Using Cardboard and a Clothes Hanger

Earlier this week, we shared a funky piece of camera equipment called the Bounce-Wall, which features a large card that serves as a surface to bounce your flash off when you’re out and about. While the pricing wasn’t available at the time, David Hobby of Strobist has since revealed that it’ll carry a $99 when it’s released later this month.

If you don’t have any free benjamins to drop on this product — or don’t want to wait — the fine folks over at Lighting-Academy have created a ghetto do-it-yourself version you can build and use. All you’ll need is an old wire clothes hanger, a piece of cardboard, some aluminum foil, a clothespin, and a tripod screw. The tutorial is in German, so you might need to use an online translater or base your build off the pictures alone.

DIY Wall Bounce for 99 cents [Lighting-Academy via Strobist]

  • Nicole Olsen

    Clothes “hangar”? Sure would take a lot of clothes to require a hangar for them.

  • Michael Zhang

    Whoops, fixed the typo in the post but forgot the title. Thanks :)

  • rtfe

    hire an intern with no promise of payment to hold equipment. school credit

  • Pat Livingston

    Illegal unless you are a non-profit.