Samsung Galaxy Camera to Come with a Free 50GB Dropbox Account

Samsung’s new Galaxy Camera will be the first point-and-shoot to which you can add a 3G or 4G data plan when it arrives on store shelves in October. One of the major benefits of being connected to the Internet all the time is that the camera will be able to take full advantage of cloud-based services. Services like Dropbox.

Samsung confirmed today that customers who purchase a Galaxy camera will automatically receive a free 50GB Dropbox cloud storage account — the same perk currently offered to some Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone buyers.

The camera is designed to be chummy with cloud storage services. It features an “Auto Cloud Backup” feature that can beam your photos to Internet servers for safekeeping, the moment they’re created.

A pocket camera with Internet connectivity and cloud storage. Sound familiar? Yup… it’s just like Apple’s iPhone and iCloud, except the Galaxy Camera packs a more legitimate lens, a larger sensor, and 45GB more free storage space than Apple’s mobile photography offering.

Unlike iCloud, however, the free Dropbox plan isn’t a lifetime account. Dropbox will start asking you to fork over money (or drop the account) two years after your phone purchase.

It’ll be interesting to see whether the other major camera makers come up with similar cloud storage partnerships, since Android and Internet-connectivity are both major trends this year.

(via Pocket-lint)

  • Renato Murakami

    Color me interested.
    I have to say I recently got a Nokia 808 Pureview because I needed a decent quality camera coupled with smartphone functions. And yes, the camera is great!
    But you know… even though Symbian is not as bad as most people think, the app selection falls short and it’s not exactly the smoothest experience so far. No official Dropbox app (I found a replacement called Dropian that works ok), small selection of photo editing apps, no way to do quick edits on videos, and the interface is kinda sluggish/buggy.
    This could replace it.
    Or I’ll just wait and see what Nokia will do with the Pureview tech coupled with Windows.

  • Shawn Parker

    2 years from now tens of people will complain about how Dropbox at their photos.

  • PaulJay

    Great now i can upload hi res Jpeg or Raw files of photo’s over 3g/4g…..

  • Antonio Carrasco

    WHY WHY WHY couldn’t they give this device normal phone functionality as well?? If I were to buy this, I would still need to carry my iPhone in my pocket as well as this camera and then also pay for two separate 3G connections.

    This camera was tragically close to being a game changer.