Win One of Three Boxed Copies of Adobe Lightroom 4 Worth $150 Each

Update: This giveaway is now over. The winner was randomly selected and announced below.

For our “giveaway o’ the week” this week, we’re giving away three copies of Adobe Lightroom 4 worth $150 each. If you went on vacation this past summer and have a boatload of photographs that you need to organize and post-process, this program can help you do it.

To learn how to use Lightroom 4, you can check out this collection of tutorials offered by Adobe over on YouTube. Here’s the video showing how you can do basic adjustments:

To enter this giveaway, simply answer the question:

What kind of photos will you be using Lightroom for if you win this giveaway?

This giveaway will be done through both the commenting section on this post and Twitter. You can use both methods for double the chance to win.

Entering Through the Comments

The first way to enter is to simply leave your answer as a comment on this post. Be sure that we’ll be able to contact you through your comment identification if you win.

Entering Through Twitter

This giveaway can also be entered by following our our Twitter account and tweeting your answer.

First, be sure you’re a follower:

Then, tweet your answer to the question, and include the tag “#pplr4gvwy”.

Rules & Details

This contest will end on September 3rd, 2012, and a winner will be selected randomly from all the entries.

The giveaway is open to readers outside the US as well, and shipping will be free!

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Update: This giveaway is now over. We received 506 comment entries and 166 Tweet entries for 672 entries overall. The randomly selected winners are…


I would use Lightroom 4 to store and edit portraits, which is something I am learning to do.


I <3 @petapixel !!! I will use Lightroom to enhance concept photography for a startup

Michele Pascoe Burgee

I will use it all the time….for everything from my child’s first day of school to the next wedding i shoot. Lightroom is where it’s at!!

Congratulations! Please email [email protected] to claim your prize (we’re contacting you as well).

Thanks to everyone who entered! Please stay tuned for more awesome giveaways!

A big thanks to Adobe for providing the prizes for this giveaway!

Image credit: Cebu Vacation – 14 by Daniel Y. Go

  • Peter Lindström

    I would use LR to finally wrangle all of my summer photos.

  • Andy Macleod

    I would use it for any photos I’m posting to my new website

  • ArchiCroc

    Vacation Photos!

  • Anthony J LaPorta

    I would use lightroom 4 for my Political shots, my construction work…but most of all shots of my son Alex.

  • Bujo

    I need to upgrade too… thanks PP.. you rock!

  • DavidNagy

    I’d use Lightroom for landscape photos. And portraits. And all the rest. :)

  • Clint Simonsen

    I’d use Lightroom 4 to process photos of my kids, and then all my other shots. great work PP, always enjoying having a read of your articles.

  • Tamara H

    I am an archaeology grad student — I’d use it for photos I took in the field to prepare for publication

  • Adrian Dwarka

    I would use Lightroom for my architectural and landscape photography

  • William Chang

    For family photos and a weekly blog.

  • Chris Pearson

    Well all of them, but thats mostly wildlife and family stuff! I’ve been lusting after that map mode since I had a go on the beta!

  • Ian O’Friel

    Everything from someone blowing out a candle on a birthday, to landscape, to nightshot, and anything else I can find :)

  • Michele Pascoe Burgee

    I will use it all the time….for everything from my child’s first day of school to the next wedding i shoot. Lightroom is where it’s at!!

  • Shawnee Gallaher

    I love Lightroom for portraits. It’s the first stop for me and 99% of the time is the only post-process needed for any of my photos.

  • Pedro Ângelo

    I would use especially for fashion and beauty photos. My dream is to work with fashion and studio photos.

  • BrianRGibson

    Lightroom would be awesome to help with all of my photos. I really like landscapes, but do a little bit of everything.

  • Wendy Fong

    I am a student learning web design. I would use Lightroom to enhance the quality of the pictures I have taken and use in my class projects.

  • Aston Lo

    I would catalogue all my shots from my travelling days and live through it again one day at a time.

  • gabrielserna

    I’d like to use Lightroom to take advantage of a RAW processing workflow that a lot of inexpensive cameras now support and now that Lightroom can handle video it would make it go a long way towards setting up a small studio setup I have in mind for doing product shots of golf equipment for reviews and instruction as a business venture with a friend that just became certified as a golf instructor.

    Good luck all.

  • Tina Liu

    I’d be using Lightroom to finally organize and process all the photos that have accumulated over the year.

  • Guest

    I’d use one…

  • Ondra Kucera

    Mostly film scans… and digial too

  • J. Gross

    I do a lot of construction site photos and use lightroom 3 for all my editing.

  • Ryan Odom

    My inlaws took my wife and me on a trip to Tunisia and surrounding countries. I would use Lightroom 4 to edit those photos to give to them as memories. It would make a great gift for them.

  • Adam Cameron

    To edit my Long Exposure photos.

  • Ali Tiamat

    I would use Lightroom for my fine art and graphic photography

  • prince ang

    I will be using Lightroom 4 for photographs I take during my travels

  • David Degnan

    I want to win Lightroom 4 to use at school and edit my landscapes of scenic upstate NY!

  • Geoffrey Ranson

    Best software ever I use It at school wish I had a copy for home

  • dodude

    i will use it for my BEAUTIFUL pictures :D

  • Joe W

    I would use Lightroom 4 to manage and process photos in my 100 Strangers project.

  • Peter Barber

    I will be using Lightroom 4 primarily for landscape and basically everything that I shoot.

  • petebar

    I will use Lightroom for all my photography, both the new shots and scans of old ones.

  • D H

    I will use Lr 4 for all my pictures.

  • Casey Prout

    I will be using lightroom to create my AMAZING MFA portfolio of course!


    I’ll use Lightroom to bring ideas & dreams to light.

  • [email protected]

    Actually, I’d start using Lightroom for my lowlight and portrait photos.

    greets from Poland

  • Alexandru Bloju

    I really like to shoot portraits, but I will use Lightroom for all my photos.

  • p3nguinz

    I actually do have a bunch of photos from summer trips to organize and edit. I’ve got photos from 6 different national parks just waiting to be edited. Equip me!!!!!

  • Lisa n

    Pretty much every picture I take family, fun, portrait work and weddings

  • Josep M. Fontana

    Why should one use LR just for a specific kind of photos? LR is THE central mangement system for all your photos. Certain types of photos just need a little processing from LR (and LR can do more than just a little processing). Others can be send to Photoshop in a fast and convenient round trip. But LR is where all your photos want to live and grow. Josep M.

  • Piotr Jarecki

    If I win, I will be using Lightroom 4 for my skateboarding and portrait photos to make them look as in my imagination

  • Christine Johnson Mayfield

    I would be using the Lightroom for the pictures I take of my kids.

  • akamran

    I would be using Lightroom to organize and process all the photos that have taken over the years.

  • marctobolski

    Leaving tomorrow for a 3 week trip through Europe. Would use this to assist in post on all the shots I will be taking there.

  • Irwan

    Landscape and events photos.

  • Francois

    All of my photos

  • Vahtang Siharulidze

    Wedding photos

  • Dennis Kalpakoff

    My photos from Alaska!

  • Messenger

    May the odds be ever in your favor! lol that line is always used condescendingly or sarcastically in that movie.