First Glimpse at a Retro-styled Compact from Fuji, Possibly Named the “XP1″

Fuji already introduced retro, Leica-style design to the world of mirrorless cameras with its gorgeous X series line, and now it appears that the company wants to do the same thing for the world of point-and-shoots. New leaked photos, first published on Digicam-info, show an unknown compact camera by Fujifilm that features a slick leather wrap and an elegantly minimal UI — a camera that definitely wouldn’t embarrass fashion-forward folk.

It looks like the model name of the camera is printed across the top plate, but the angle makes it hard to read clearly. The characters appear to be “XP1″ or “XF1″.

The lens on the camera is a Fujinon 6.4-25.6mm f/1.8-2.9, which offers 4x optical zoom. The sensor size should be pretty typical for compact cameras (i.e. you won’t find a beast in this camera).

With no viewfinder and no dials dedicated to manual controls, the camera will probably be geared toward people who want to take easy snapshots while looking good doing so. Along with the X-E1 that also leaked today, keep your eye out for this camera once Photokina rolls around next month.

  • Fuji or Notfuji

    If I were Fuji, I would avoid trying to quickly slap a retro look on every product. This looks like an afterthought rather than an organic design

  • Jonathan Maniago

    “With no viewfinder and no dials for manual controls, the camera will
    probably be geared toward people who want to take easy snapshots while
    looking good doing so.”

    Mode dial on top with visible PASM modes, 1 dial on the lens barrel, 2 on the rear.

  • onmyself

    that is nice.. why canĀ“t amercia produce nice cameras.. all we produce is pain and weapons. … im sad.

  • rwboyer

    ummmm… is this some sort of naming game where people are supposed to confuse this with the X-Pro 1 or something? Can Fuji maybe stop slapping the ‘X’ onto cameras with tiny little sensors?

  • Guest

    There will definately be a backlash against the ‘retro’ look soon enough. It’s the current ‘hip’ thing, but that just means it will become the next mainstream thing.

  • Michael Zhang

    Changed “for” to “dedicated to”. Was referring to the dedicated dials for shutter speed and exposure compensation found on the other X cameras. Thanks!

  • Romney Spelling

    Amercia? Is this Romney in disguise?

  • Jonathan Maniago

    As I see it, the retro look (some might prefer the term “classic”) is primarily about flaunting one’s supposed dedication to photography rather than trying to be make a fashion statement. It implicitly suggests that the user is somehow making a connection to the roots of the craft and its timeless elements. Basically, it’s a look that would appeal to enthusiasts (or wannabes) who can’t afford a Leica.

  • guest

    I’d like this a bit more if this was truly iconic of the Fuji brand (ie Leica), instead of riding a the coat tails of a trend. If only they spent as much time on the optics as they did the aesthetics this could be a legit option. Pass.