Canon 6D Rumors Heating Up, May Not Arrive Until October

You know the major firmware update that just rolled out for the Canon 7D? The purpose of it might have been to hold Canonites over through a couple months of DSLR-less news. Northlight Images is reporting that Canon will not be unveiling a new DSLR at Photokina, but will instead be waiting until October to unleash a new full frame DSLR on the world.

The new camera is rumored to be a new Canon 6D, and is said to feature a 22 megapixel full frame sensor in a smaller camera body — hopefully a full frame sensor in a crop-sized body, if that’s even possible. We’re unsure at this point whether this is a separate camera from the “entry-level” Canon 7D Mark II full frame DSLR that has been rumored lately.

If the camera is the first of a brand new camera line, then the Canon single-digit-D lineup would go something like this: the 5D would be Canon’s main standard-sized full frame DSLR, the 6D would be a smaller and lighter full frame DSLR, and then 7D would be a high-end crop sensor DSLR.

It would certainly be nice if the 7D was indeed bumped up to full frame. The 70D would succeed the current 7D and the 60D as the flagship APS-C camera, while at the same time the 7D Mark II would fulfill the prophesies rumors of an “entry level” full frame from Canon.

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  • Jeff Willey

    Maybe the 6D is what the 7D MKII was originally rumored to be – makes more sense (to me) than confusing APC and FF sensors across the same series.

  • Tanja Schulte

    why not announing it at the photokina?
    are they afraid it will be drowned by all the other announcements?
    seems like most companys think it is better to announce between such events..

  • Nathan Blaney

    I don’t care what its called, just make it with 8+ FPS and 36+ megapixels. Otherwise, I see no reason to buy.

  • Samuel

    Time to sell a kidney.

  • Skeptic

    I prefer my RAW files below 70mb each.

  • Nathan Blaney

    Then there are already a ton of camera options for you!

  • Christian Wright

    “a smaller and lighter full frame DSLR” — I see this repeated elsewhere, but compared to what? The 7D is virtually the same size as both the 5D Mark II and 5D Mark III — no more than 5 mm different in any dimension. 7D is also virtually same weight as the 5D Mark II.

  • Tomas Kibsgaard Larsen

    Why do they make all of these rubbish cameras? get 1 decent full frame out before you announce some halfway done crap. I am so dissapointed in the features of the 5D mkIII, I think the mkII should have had those features when that came out, and the mkIII should have been a bigger step when it comes to focusing, noise reduction and movie quality.

  • RmnTz

    6D or 7D Mk II, They will be positioned lower than the 5D Mk III, so I don’t see any reason why canon would make it (/them), with more than 22MP.

  • Nathan Blaney

    I’m not sure that’s much of an argument. Placement in the lineup doesn’t really dictate megapixel count. Look at the 1dx – less than the mmiii, same as the current 7D. I see no reason there can’t be a fast, high megapixel camera. If Sony can produce a 24mp/10fps mirrorless, surely Canon can do what I need.

  • Jonathan Maniago

    I can only hope that they mean “smaller price tag, lighter on the pocket”.

  • RmnTz

    Because it would be a reason to put a higher price than the 5D Mk III, and due to marketing, they have to follow their products’ strategy (1D>5D>6D>7D).
    They could of course offer a faster fps, that’s not expensive, 2 digic5 and that’s it …
    But a higher sensor than the 5D Mk III would be really surprising for an “entry-level” full frame.

  • Tanja Schulte

    why do you need 36 MP? for your images 6MP are more then enough.
    better buy a book about composition.
    bad technique will be worsen by a 36 MP camera.

  • Tomasz Kulbowski

    It’s time for a relatively small full frame camera! It’s time for Canon to repeat the revolution that happened with the 5d premiere. It wasn’t possible to build something like that few years ago. It is possible now. So do it, Canon! Lighter, smaller, 12-16Mpx, 9-cross point AF camera – is what I’m waiting for since buying my first 5d almost 5 years ago… It’s time!

  • Daniel Haaf

    Probably a way to get all the attention, yeah.

  • Stephen

    Is the author delusional? They’ve obviously never held a 7D and a 5D next to each other, they’re almost exactly the same size..

  • Michael Zhang

    We’ve revised the post. Thanks Christian

  • Michael Zhang

    You’re right. We’ve edited the post and removed this statement. Thanks!

  • Kalbo

    Looking forward to seeing this but it had better not be above $2,500, whether it’s above 22MP and high FPS or not.

  • Bua

    So when are they coming out with a D800 competitor??

  • LorrieProth

    I hope it does – I LIKE having a high end crop option, please don’t “take that away”

  • Peter

    From where I stand (with a 5.5 year old Nikon D80 in my hand), the 5D MkIII has plenty of features. And even my camera can do much more, and also performs much better, than the analog SLR I had 10 years ago.

    Photography has always been a sport of knowing what your equipment can and can’t do, and then find a way to get around the limitations of what your gear can handle. Even if Canon had made the 5D Mk III ten times better, you would have run into it’s limitations more often than you would have cared for.

    Then again, if you want instantaneous focus, by the latest 1D. If you want the ultimate video quality, buy a C30 (or a RED). You can’t expect Canon to make a camera with all-round top performance for the price of a 5D.

  • thejudeman

    I’m totally supporting not because I’m buying but because I could finally get my hands on a second hand 7D for a lower price.

  • mike penney

    Regardless of price point… I would like to see some build quality. A camera that has to be “adjusted” for each lens so it will focus correctly is a piece of junk in my book.

  • Pro Camera

    I hope the new 6D won’t be made of plastic. It would be an easy way to make it cheaper and still using the same sensor as 5D Mark III.

  • kendon

    …which doesn’t really change the meaning, as it is now saying “hopefully a full frame sensor in a crop-sized body”. even a 60D is not that much smaller that it would make a difference, imho.

  • Devin Karringten Photo

    I like my cameras big + heavy.
    Nothing like the weight of my Hasselblad. It just feels better in my hand.
    Why are we compacting everything and plastic-izing. Wheres the magnesium alloy
    we all know we love!?!

  • jm8898

    I highly doubt the 7DII will be full frame. Canon needs a single digit distinction for its flagship APS-C body.

  • jm8898

    Typical ignorance from a non-owner. The 5D3 thankfully has the company’s flagship 61 point AF. They could have given it the 7D’s 19 point AF or the 1D4’s 45 point AF. But no, they went all in. What more did you expect? And NR? Please, my 5D3 is *at least* a full stop better at high ISO than my 5D2, if not two stops. Movie quality? Buy a video camera. Fool.

  • Scritti Politti

    Just when you thought Canon’s line couldn’t be bigger mess. Why in hell do we need TWO new full-frame cameras? Not to mention the fact that changing the format of a camera while keeping the same model name would be idiotic, even in the context of Canon’s idiotic moves of late.

    Also: APS-sized sensors are much better for video, because a full-frame sensor has excessively shallow depth of field and most of your footage is going to be out of focus. An APS sensor is about the same size as 35mm motion-picture film.

    Whatever happens, Canon needs to stop dicking around and release an APS camera with some real downscaling for video, to eliminate the hideous aliasing that plagues Canon’s current cameras.

  • Scritti Politti


  • jimsays

    I really dont care about build quality, how bad can it be? Just give me that full frame sensor!

  • man40plus

    It would be great if Canon made full frame camera for under $1500. I really can’t afford 2 grand plus for a camera.

  • 5DMarkIII Owner

    Just Wondering, but this does screw over some of the people who just donated their organs to buy the 5D mark iii…