Time-Lapse of a Man Sorting 65,000 LEGO Blocks Over 71 Hours

Stop-motion projects often require mind-blowing amounts of work and preparation. Just how mind-blowing? Music duo Daniel Larsson and Tomas Redigh (AKA Rymdreglage) recently poured out 100 boxes of LEGO pieces that each contained 650 blocks. They then had two cameras snap a photo every 20 seconds as they spent a whopping 71 hours sorting by color. The time-lapse video was created using the 12,775 photos that each memory card ended up with.

Why would anyone need to sort 65,000 LEGO pieces? Here’s why:

That’s the first stop-motion music video made by the duo, titled “8-bit trip”. It was released back in 2009, and has received over 12 million views already. The 65,000 sorted blocks will be used to make a followup to that video, to be titled “8-bit trip 2″.

  • Jens Hamada

    timelapse videos are the new tilt-shift….. i can stand them anymore.

  • rtfe

    totally, almost as lame as nature photography

  • Michael Godek

    …..still wondering why?

  • Michael Thompson


  • thejoltjoker

    I’m the guy in the black cap! I am looking forward to seeing the end result.

  • Jens Hamada

    well at least nature photography often has an interesting OBJECT / MOTIVE…. the timelapse videos are often just about the EFFECT.. and that gets boring very fast.
    how many moving clouds or people at work can you see in timelapse movies before the effect gets old?
    imho it´s “instagram” for the creative challenged.
    thought from time to time there is a good one.

  • rtfe

    nature shots get boring quick too. look, another majestic sunrise over the ocean, blah

  • azog

    I don’t care why, he gets +1 for having a Commodore PET.

  • JJ

    Extreme OCD.

  • LucyLastic

    These guys do realise that you can by Lego by the colour, right?