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How to Build a Camera Dolly Out of LEGO Pieces



Photographer Pascal Kulcsar of Mainz, Germany wanted to add some movements to his time-lapse videos, so he built himself a fancy dolly using LEGO pieces. The tiny vehicle has 6 wheels and is powered by a motor that can run for 8 hours of constant movement with regular AA batteries.

The 6 wheels placed around the dolly allow it to drive in very small circles, and speed can be controlled by trading cogwheels in and out of the build (it goes from “very slow” to “veeeeerry verry slow”, Kulcsar says).

Here’s a quick example of what the dolly can help you capture:

You can find a list of pieces you’ll need here (along with each piece’s LEGO design number).


If you’d like to build one of these LEGO dollies yourself, Kulcsar has published a more detailed look at the design in this video:

And here are some images showing what the dolly looks like at various stages of the build process:





This isn’t a very precise piece of equipment, and it may not be able to carry much more than a light camera and lens, but it’s a fun little project you can do that gives you a dolly that can come in handy for many casual purposes.