Canon’s Mirrorless May Sport an APS-C Sensor and Articulating Touchscreen

Up until now, all rumors regarding Canon’s upcoming mirrorless offering (which is expected to be announced officially at a special July 23rd event) have pointed towards it housing the same sensor found in the company’s capable G1 X compact. This was said to be the case because another, more capable mirrorless offering has been in the works for Photokina. New rumors, however, seem to indicate that, while there is a prototype out there of a Canon mirrorless with a G1 X sensor, the official product might actually be sporting an 18MP APS-C sensor ala Canon’s recent Rebel T4i.

That’s not where the similarities between the two would stop either; the same rumors also have the new Canon as larger than expected, and housing an articulating touchscreen — sound familiar? For now nothing has been officially announced or leaked to confirm the few rumor sites that got hold of the info in one way or another, but as the day draws ever nearer you can almost hear fingers and toes crossing, hoping that at least the APS-C rumors turn out to be true.

(via Canon Rumors)

Image credit: Canon Canonet 28 Rangefinder Camera by Chi Bellami

  • Dazam

    Very intriguing. I use my mirrorless Olympus PEN more than my Canon DSLR these days.

  • Leosilve

    I have the rare black cannonet ql17 gIII ;)

  • Lee

    What the fuss about it? Pentax K-01 mirrorless is APS-C size.

  • Benicio Murray

    the fuss is for all us people invested in Canon lenses are holding our breath hoping they dont mess up the mirrorless option.

  • Zta

    Mirrorless this, mirrorless that. It this a new buzzword for “pocket camera”? +”that takes DSLR lenses?”

  • Mike Ermilio

    The point of mirrorless is to go smaller. Smaller body, and a smaller distance between the sensor and the lens mount. If you just want to use your existing lenses on a smaller body get a digital rebel. Because once you change the distance between the lens and the sensor, you can forget about using any EF lenses. The K-01 lets you use K-mount lenses, and because of it is the same size as a small DSLR.

  • C Designs

    I’ll tell you this pro shooters. it’s coming, so either get on or get left behind. mirrorless is the desktop publishing of the photography world. the completion of the digital age where secretaries take over the professionals jobs. techies become guru designers and now the mystery of perfect pictures is at hand. mirrorless means more competition from semi pros and amature shooters. mirrorless is code alright, but it’s code for obsolescent arrogance in the photography industry.