“No Photos This Good Have Ever Come from a Camera This Small”

Remember the mysterious camera NYTimes columnist David Pogue was gushing over earlier this month? Turns out it’s the Sony RX100. In his review of the camera published yesterday, Pogue calls it “best pocket camera ever made” and writes,

It will be sold out everywhere. I’ll skip to the punch line: No photos this good have ever come from a camera this small.

[…] the RX100 has single-handedly smashed the rule that said, “You need a big camera for pro-quality photos.”

And if you care at all about your photography, you’ll thank Sony for giving the camera industry a good hard shove into the future.

Tiny Camera to Rival the Pros [New York Times]

  • The Critic

    He just comes across like your every-day shill. I see nothing special about those images, and I do notice a fair amount of noise, even at such tiny web sizes. Full size must be horrendous.

  • Richard

    It looks like a great camera but Pogue’s credibility has been declining in recent years. The camera is worth looking at though.