Pentax To Announce the K-3 Full Frame DSLR At Photokina

There’s been a lot of talk about new full frames making their debut in the next year, Nikon and Canon monopolizing most of the news with their rumored entry-level offerings, but one company that might slip in under the radar is Pentax. Rumors of Pentax’s K-3 full frame have been circulating for some time, but Photo Rumors recently reported on a few updates including possible announcement and release dates.

Previous rumors have the K-3 sporting a 24MP sensor, 29-point SAFOX X/w light wavelength AF sensor, 6fps continuous shooting at highest resolution, 1080p and 720p video recording at 60/30/25 and 24 fps, Dual PRIME M processor and ISO range between 100 and 25,600 (expandable to 50-102,400).

Today we found out that the K-3 will likely be announced at Photokina in September and launch in early 2013 under the tagline: “the world’s most compact full frame.” It’s expected to use Sony’s new 24MP sensor (possibly the same one as the D600), come with a brand new kit lens, battery grip and flash unit, and sell (body only) for around $2,800.

Considering the rumored sensor and the fact that both the Canon and Nikon entry-levels should have significantly lower price tags, we’ll have to wait and see what other features Pentax is planning to bring to the table to lure photographers their way.

(via Photo Rumors)

Update: As Paul kindly points out in the comments below, it looks like this rumor turned out to be very false.

Image credit: 宾得镜头遮光罩上的 LOGO by POPOEVER

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  • Fucku


  • Astonfreak
  • Jason Finkbeiner

    What a nice kick in the head to long-time Pentaxians who invested in their best modern glass that only fit crop sensor bodies. So glad I got off that train wreck and went to Nikon.

  • Someguy

    If they just made the MZ-D, we’d all be happy. Hell, it could be 12MP. But so long as it looked like the MZ, we’d be wetting ourselves to get it.

    Though, this just means that FA primes are going to be even MORE expensive.

  • eddie

    actually it looks just like the current K5 , this was an april fools day mock up camera

  • eddie

    a good chunk of the DA glass actually does work on FF the zooms are the issue, and the wider than 35mm lenses. even the lowly DA 35 f2.4 covers a FF image

  • Christopher Garman

    I hope the synch speed is much faster than 1/180. If they could better 1/250th maybe they’d attract away some photographers.  And it 

  • Christopher Garman

    And it better allow tethering to Lightroom.

  • Patricia S. Berrios

    So glad I got off that train wreck and went to Nikon.

  • Umbalito

    Niiice. Pentax FF + FA Limiteds = sweet! So glad I jumped off the NiKanon bandwagon and went to Pentax. Now if they can come up with an FA Limited equivalent to the DA 15mm that would just be perfect.

  • Alancedesign

    Yeah I believe this was a April fools day joke because I was stoked to read about the whole thing on and then got to the bottom and it said APRIL FOOLS … I will only believe Pentax is making a full frame when I see a press release from Pentax. I doubt they will go full frame anytime soon where as Nikon and Canon have that market pretty well cornered. They will do better focusing on medium format like they are.

  • Dx

    I am in Nikon but I am not pure blinded as you… Love Pentax against fanboys like you. 

  • Eddie

     if they just release an updated fa*24 F2.0 it would be an excellent equivalent for FF (though a fair bit larger)

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  • Pablo Hassan

    Hi, with P TTL HSS – or something similar you can sinc up to 1/8000 – it uses a lot of battery and you need a lot of light but its no problem really

  • John

    All my Pentax glass is FF (Or as it’s called when shooting film, 35mm).

  • John

    Not to forget all the F and FA lenses, and the great A series (yeah, it’s manual focus, but it’s you shooting, not the camera… isnt it?).

  • Norgy

    Trainwreck? Like all Nikon and Canon glass and work on every camera body. One standard for the cameras you don’t own, a different standard, much relaxed, for the camera you own. That’s the definition of a fanboy.

  • Pablo Hassan

    although saying that, only if your flash is HSS capable and on camera or cabled to your on camera on show

  • Nick

    try Pentax if you not so old for changes and then you will have good start to make fools :)

  • Nick

    ..smt kind of motto for not users of this system ;)

  • Paul

    You guys pretty much blew this prediction……

  • Michael Zhang

    Looks like you’re right…

  • T__T

    .. maybe next year