Behind the Scenes Creating A Moving Still With Dave Hill

If you’ve ever wondered how a professional moving still is put together, this behind-the-scenes video of Dave Hill‘s shoot for Fiat should shed a little light on the matter. The final product is a composite mix of stills shot using a 5D Mark II and a Hasselblad H3D-50, and high-speed video shot using a Phantom Flex and a Phantom Gold.

(via ISO1200)

  • Soumit_ban

    Thanks for the post! However, most petapixel dot com readers in India are not going to be able to see the video as vimeo has been blocked upon apparent court orders (!!!). I know you don’t control where the creator hosts her/his video, but still wanted to let you know on behalf of all affected Indian audience members.

  • Bruce Schultz

    good god that’s the worst BTS camera work I’ve ever seen.  Next time use at least a lens with IOS on your DLSR and flatten the image so we can see into the shadows.

  • WilkinsNannie75

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  • haohe382
  • Ndt


  • Bobby

    Beyond a doubt, Vimeo is the worst possible place to host video. It hasn’t worked for me for years and now their player won’t load and when I go to the default Flash player-nothing. Vimeo sucks.

  • Sean Teegarden

    What do you recommend for video hosting then?

  • Flgraphics

    mind boggling amount of post must have been done on this.. jeebus