Commercial Shot at 600 Frames Per Second with 225K Watts of Light

What do 225,000 watts of light get you when shooting with the high-speed Phantom camera? Not much. Just ask Vincent Laforet who shot this commercial using the uber-expensive camera. Even with that much light, he still needed a 2.0 aperture. That only created more problems of staying in focus while using dolly moves in slow motion.

As Laforet puts it:

At one point we had less than an inch of depth of field. And don’t forget – that a split second of being out of focus at 600 fps- or “buzzing” – last an even greater eternity when played back at 24 fps. (One quarter second shot at 600fps will last 6.25 SECONDS when played back at 24fps…. that’s a long time for everyone to see you were soft on set…)

Just to give you an idea of what 225K watts is like, Laforet writes that they had enough light to cook an egg in under 10 seconds and a turkey in under an hour…

Here’s the interesting behind-the-scenes video showing how the commercial was made: