Shoebox App Turns Your Smartphone Into a Photo Scanner

Shoebox is an app by 1000 Memories that lets you turn your iOS or Android smartphone into a scanner for digitizing old paper photos (the photos don’t have to be old, of course). The app goes far beyond manual snapping and cropping: it uses edge detection to help you crop, color balance to compensate for lighting, and auto-flattens the resulting image to adjust for your camera’s tilt. You can download it for free through the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

Shoebox [1000 Memories]

  • Andrew Bowness

    Neat idea, as someone that has spent many days scanning old photos this would have been awfully useful. I suppose that if you set up your lighting right you could probably get some decent ‘scans’ too.

  • MillsLula39

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  • rilobilly

    It’s great in a pinch but only as good as your iPhone camera. Since I have a 3GS, it isn’t quite as good as it could be.

  • Adam Remsen

    Wow.  The timing on this could not be better. My sister sent me a box containing THOUSANDS of old family photos a couple weeks ago, and my scanner just died, so I’ve been trying to figure out how to digitize them on the cheap.  It never occurred to me that my phone could do it.  Fantastic.