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People in the US Can Now Print Their Photos Onto a Pair of Adidas Shoes



Earlier this year we told you that Adidas was planning to launch an app and accompanying service that would allow you to print your photographs onto a pair of its shoes.

MiZX Flux, the aforementioned iOS and Android app that lets you design your shoe, has been up and live for quite some time, but only now is it ready for the spotlight and allowing people to design and buy a pair of kicks with their own photography on it.

Available on both Android and iOS, the creation process is pretty simple: You select your shoe size, the country you’re located in, and your gender. From there, you take or select a photograph from your phone’s library, place and scale it, then confirm the design using the app’s 360° 3D render of the final product.


The shoes will set you back a minimum of $110, so this kind of custom shoe printing doesn’t come cheap. But, if you’d like to sit on a particular design for a while as you save up, MiZX allows you to create a ‘Shoebox’ that will save your designs for a later date.

To prevent the use of copyrighted and unauthorized images, every design that gets printed goes through a legal moderation team. Additionally, there are guidelines for the prints, suggesting that images shouldn’t be text-heavy, contain any definitive branding, or portray celebrities.

But enough talk. Take the app for a spin yourself by giving it a download for your iOS or Android device, and let us know what you think.

(via PopPhoto)