Make Your Own Rolling Camera Bag for $30 Using Padded Inserts

Camera bags can get pricy, and when it comes to camera bags that travel well (i.e. on wheels) prices can really skyrocket. In fact, if you type “Rolling Camera Bag” into Amazon your first three options will run you $262.54, $171.07, and $249.00.

So if your idea of prepping for a vacation with your camera doesn’t include a hefty bag budget, Jerrit Pruyn over at FStoppers has a great solution: take your ordinary rolling carry-on bag, buy a matching Calumet Padded Insert for about $30, and put the two together. The result is pretty indistinguishable from some of the rolling camera bags you’ll find on the market.

DIY $30 Rolling Camera Bag (via Gizmodo)

  • DIY Lover

    Time to update… Calumet no longer carries the insert shown. Wonder if the expensive camera case manufacturers got to them. No other similar inserts were shown as available. What is available is more expensive than $30. Great idea if the insert was still available.

  • nate

    Umm yes they do? I just purchased it. perhaps it was on backorder.