Prototype Camera Lets You Shoot Photos by Framing Scenes with Your Fingers

Last November we featured a concept camera called Air that is worn on your fingers and snaps photographs when you frame scenes with your fingers. That concept may soon become a reality. Researchers at IAMAS in Japan have developed a tiny camera called Ubi-Camera that captures photos as you position your fingers in the shape of a frame. The shutter button is triggered with your opposite hand’s thumb, and the “zoom” level is determined by how far the camera is from the photographer’s face. Expect these cameras to land on store shelves at about the same time as the gesture-controlled computers from Minority Report.

(via DigInfo TV via Geeky Gadgets)

  • Techmanteau

    See from 2004 or 2005.

  • Zak Henry

    It would be way cooler if the shutter was triggered when the forefinger and thumb that aren’t touching the camera made contact. This would be stupidly easy to implement, and would be ergonomically easier than “pushing hard with your thumb” on the camera.

  • SilverJewelry_asia

    :P And if your fingers are to short … (a child for example) :)))

  • will hall

    kinda cool concept but not sure it would work in practice. holding the camera at the end of outstretched arms to get a long focal length sounds like a recipe for camera shake

  • Merv

    Is it April already?

  • Flgraphics

    kinda looks like pressing the shutter moves your hands too much

  • julietromeo

    Kinda cool :) Hmm… reminds me the MIT’s Sixth Sense interface : (see video) ! Though it can be used for many more applications.

  • mattyc

    Just because you can… Some ideas just aren’t worth pursuing. What a waste of time and brain power.