Why You Should Check All Your Layers Before Saving For Web

Here’s a Photoshop protip: before saving a final version of a photo for publishing on the web, make sure all the layers you want in the image are actually visible. Apparently some Photoshopper working for JCrew got careless with his layers, which led to the above catalog photo showing a model with transparent hair (in fact, the hair appeared by itself in a separate photo). The catalog entry has since been fixed, with the invisible-haired woman replaced with a boring photo of a blue blazer.

(via PSDisasters via Neatorama)

  • Robin F

    Most useless post to date. Why do I come here again?

  • Slobit75

    Nobody checks this stuff before it goes live? Sheesh…..

  • Michael Zhang

    “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” :)

  • Anonymous


  • Njsantiago

    Because you’re addicted :3

  • Justin Javellana

    cheer up gramps

  • dpreview


  • Senen L

    and adding to one rechecks stuff once its live?

  • M Burke

    They used to have a copy editor, but since the downsizing…

  • Diana

    how do you know the photoshopper is a he? :) 

  • Chris Newhall

    And your comment was the most useless waste of a few precious seconds of my life that I have experienced today.

  • Chris Newhall

    A detail oriented girl would not have screwed it up so bad ;-)

  • Jeff Baumgart

    It’s bad enough that the Photoshop editor missed this, but how did the guy/gal uploading the images to the site not pick up on it? 

  • bob cooley

    I was going to call shenanigans… but the thumbnail is still live.

  • 9inchnail

     Yeah, damn, you would have propably found a cure for cancer if you hadn’t wasted your time reading that comment and then posting one yourself. Another miss for mankind.

  • Alex Hallajian

    I’m sure they use an automated system. Once the person saves the file, it goes into the system and uploads. No one has to handle it after that.

  • Hinano

    the ads aren’t going to view themselves

  • J

    This doesn’t look real or believable . 

    Even if he had saved an image without the hair, the transparency would never display as the photoshop ‘checked layer’ when saved as a jpg or even a PNG. 

    It would either show up as white or black. 

  • ry

    I agree.  I’ve never seen that checkered transparent layer ever visible in a saved image.

  • Guest

    I was going to say the same thing–no way that’d happen, unless by chance the pic was a PNG, and the default background image behind it was a checkerboard pattern instead of #FFFFFF

  • Kathleen Grace

    Awww, well, that’s too bad – you were the one who clicked through…

  • Kathleen Grace

    an obvious assumption don’t you think?

  • Bennett

    that’s what i thought! i went to the site, hovered over the far right image when the pinkish color is selected and … floating hair, complete with checked layer.  too weird.

  • Bennett

    too weird.