SanDisk and Lexar Not Planning to Jump Into the XQD Game Anytime Soon

At the end of last year a new format called XQD was unveiled as the eventual replacement for CompactFlash. About a month later at CES 2012, Sony announced the first XQD cards. If you’re not sold on the new format, here’s some good news for you: Lexar and SanDisk have both announced that they have no plans to release XQD cards in the near future and that they’re both committed to the CompactFlash format (a bit strange though, given that SanDisk was one of the companies that announced XQD in November 2010). Lexar’s actions certainly back up its words: at CES it unveiled its largest (256GB) and fastest (1000x) CompactFlash cards ever.

(via PhotographyBlog)

Image credit: 22 GB of wedding photos by John Carleton

  • Anonymous

    Dead before it’s even out?

  • Wyshniukas

    Nikon D4 sucks now I would say.

  • Anonymous

    You would have thought that memory and camera manufacturers would be singing from the same hymn sheet as it were….

  • Kyoshi Becker

    Aww man…  On the bright side they still make extreme cards in CF, SD, and Memory stick DUO

  • Nikon21

    It makes sense because no camera is writing to the XQD speeds anyway.  The Nikon D4 video is only recording at 24 mb/s  and an 11 fps RAW burst would only be around 30 mb/s.  so it doesn’t help much.