DSLRs Banned from UK Tube Station

Photographer Tim Allen spotted this sign outside the Aldwych tube station, an abandoned London Underground station that recently opened up for tours. While photography bans are pretty common, the station has decided to only ban DSLRs due to “their combination of high quality sensor and high resolution”. Other cameras are allowed in, as long as they don’t look “big” enough to shoot amazing photos.

(via Amateur Photographer via Megapixel)

Update: Apparently the ban was because DSLR users take longer to shoot photos, and they didn’t want the tours to be delayed. That makes sense. Wait…

Image credit: Photograph by Tim Allen and used with permission

  • ebro

    And what’s about analog cameras?

  • Richard Ford

    So true.  Australia is a friggin nanny state.  Worse than the EU nanny states at times.

  • Tim Allen

    Who’d have thought my original photo would have caused such a fuss? Been fun to watch the story go viral though.


  • Tim Allen

    By the way, here’s the photos I took that day, using my LX3 of course!

  • Nosemonger

    Perhaps disallowing tripods would be better? 

  • Rick

    Does that mean my Leica M9 is allowed?

  • Ralph Hightower

    So film SLRs are OK?

  • Guido

    In soviet russia DSLR bans you.

  • Guido

    40 procent of our genome is under copyright, why not a trainstation?

  • Ana

    Stupid rule!

  • Dave

    Why bother focusing and framing a shot at all – just bring a plenoptic camera and do the rectification in software afterwards …

  • herb

    Will take you even longer, sunny

  • Guest

    Pathetic, even some of the smaller point and shoot cameras have incredible resolution…. just another facet of our freedom being removed…

  • point

    Brits have the dumbest rules sometimes. Like, no walking on park grass They need a constitution with freedom of speech.