Nikon D800 Announcement Reportedly Called Off Due to Thai Floods

Japanese camera site digicame-info is reporting that an upcoming announcement of a D700 successor (possibly the D800) has been cancelled due to the ongoing flooding in Thailand, and that Nikon’s product supply has nearly come to a standstill — affecting existing products in addition to upcoming ones. Even if the D800 is being manufactured in Japan like the D700 is, some components may be produced in Nikon’s flood-damaged factory.

(via digicame-info via Foto Actualidad)

  • Aydensgrace


  • Mike Heller

    Damn, really waiting for this cam.

  • Through Painted Eyes


  • xpirex

    I thought these things were water resistant?? :)

  • Larry Brownlee

    Now this is starting to be ridiculous. I have put off buying the D700 for over a year due the eminent release of the D800. BOLLOCKS!

  • Martin

    perhaps they could restart productin of the Nikonos?

  • sheeple

    you’re ridiculous, peoples lives are ruined and all you can think of is your sheepish consumer ways.

  • Through Painted Eyes

    Go hang out at some humanitarian site then if you don’t like it

  • gabe sturdevant

    Bah, Humbug. There goes my Christmas gift. Unfortunate for the loss in the floods though. Wish manufacturing items was more cost effective in locations that do not have massive weather issues. 

  • Jackofalltrades

    They are floating away with the cameras :(

  • Jkbh

    The majority of these reactions are rather immature. A product is delayed for at couple of months due to massive floodings which have had a huge and destructive impact on many people’s lives. And all you can do is moan about a delayed product. I also eagerly await new dslrs from Nikon but personally I am more concerned with people than products.

  • Viercruz

    happy that i bought my d700 a year ago… now the price is more higher than it was. i feel this is not about the flood but more on marketing…

  • Lenerd

    It’s great to be concerned with people, but there is far more power in encouraging people that anything else…so, lets hope for the best for the flood ravaged areas and I can understand the frustration of the dude that is getting but one more camera delay….and try to learn from one another. Someday we will all realize that this life was just about people, and beginning to put people above all else. That goes for people that don’t share our point of view! cheers!!!

  • Guest

    Why is this listed as being NEWS on 7/2/2013????