Canon and Nikon May Both Announce New DSLRs by Month’s End

The rumblings in the rumor mill are getting stronger, and it seems like there’s a good chance that we’ll be seeing new DSLRs announced by both Canon and Nikon by the end of the month. Craig Blair over at Canon Rumors says that he knows with near certainty that Canon will be announcing a new full frame DSLR on October 18th. The camera is rumored to pack between 16-18 megapixels, have ISO that goes up to 51,200, shoot at high speeds (possibly between 12-14fps), and have 61 AF points.

At the same time, Nikon Rumors is saying that Nikon usually announces new products around the same time as Canon, and that a Nikon D800 unveiling on October 26th seems very likely. The D800 is rumored to be a 36MP camera…

Image credit: Nikon D40 & Canon 350d (Digital Rebel XT) by Ian Hampton