Nikon and Sony DSLR Production May Be Delayed for Months Due to Thai Floods

A week ago we shared a photo showing Nikon’s factory in Thailand submerged due to the catastrophic flooding happening there. The latest news is that both Nikon and Sony have had their camera factories severely damaged, which may have cause delays of at least 1-2 months. 90% of Nikon’s SLR cameras — the low to mid-range ones — are produced at the company’s Thailand plant, while 100% of Sony DSLRs are made at its now-damaged factory.

Nikon was expected to announce a new DSLR by the end of this year, but it seems like that may be postponed indefinitely at this point. Sony’s new NEX-7 and A65 cameras have been pulled from Amazon due to “manufacturing concerns”.

(via The Nation via 43 Rumors)

  • Josh Ladella

    If its the D800, it should be made in Japan anyway, like the D700 was, so I don’t think it would postpone the release of that model. This is still a blow to Nikon, Sony, and many other companies nonetheless.

  • Wing Wong

    Oh f*ck. 

  • Matt Tucker

    Could always buy a Canon instead :)

  • Aydensgrace

    I hope it doesn’t affect the release of the D800, I want one so bad and if they don’t release it within the next year, I may actually switch to Canon >.>

  • Eddie

    D800 should have been Japan but that Plant was wiped out in the Tsunami earlier this year, I had read that they were moving SLR production all to Thailand at one point due to that
    Tough year for Nikon
    (Hopefully the Sony plant is the assembly only and not where the sensors come from as well otherwise a lot of makers will be in trouble

  • Jasper Sosing

    the article says, it’s low to mid range cameras that are affected.  so probably just the ones that use the cropped sensors