Worlds Captured in Drops of Water

We’ve featured photographs of paintings and candies captured in drops of water before, but photographer Markus Reugels‘ water drops double as planets. By photographing drops of water in front of images of Earth and the moon, he’s able to transform the liquid spheres into beautiful worlds.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the setup Reugels used:

You can find more of Reugel’s incredible work over on his website.

Image credits: Photographs by Markus Reugels and used with permission

  • seattle

    Very cool shots.

  • Ss

    Nice man! It would be cool if you have just the DROP, without the water sticking out.


  • Dennis Marciniak

    Damn.. was just thinking about doing that the other day.

  • Anonymous

    really great idea! 

  • Cajunstitchery

    Incredible and beautiful:>)

  • Queenoftheblues

    more of an experiment in technology,while successful in the technology nob real vision

  • Aliciaindawonderland

    Wow! fantastic! and i actually like it with the water sticking out, it make the pictures look dynamic. Great job!

  • Nancy Kowardy

    really gorgeous.Mother Nature!

  • Unsinkablegirl

    I want my face in a drop of water!  what else can you use as a backdrop?