Painting with Light: Lighting and Layering a B-25 Bomber

Here’s an illuminating (pun intended) video walkthrough by photographer Eric Curry, showing how he went about creating a photo of a B-25 bomber. His technique for lighting the plane is similar to the real estate photography walkthrough that we featured last weekend, and involves lighting the scene a bazillion times from different angles, and then combining the different parts of the photo in Photoshop.

As he says in the video, it’s a useful technique that can be done by “anyone with a digital camera and a tremendous amount of patience.”

(via fotografia)

  • Anshel Sag

    This is pretty awesome but requires a god awful amount of extra work.

  • John A. Hryniuk

    awesome work !!!! I really like it a lot….     John Hryniuk  

  • John A. Hryniuk

    Forgot to ask how long it takes to do… I would guess an entire evening… 4-5 hours?

  • Simone Gobbo

    Great job indeed… but the result looks totally “fake”… seems a collage done with photoshop… oh sorry, it IS…

  • Graham Case

    I agree; I like the end result, but it does not /look/ like a photograph, and I don’t think I would call it a photograph. HCB would definitely agree with me there :)

    It’s a great image, that uses the medium of photography to create, but I would not classify it as a photograph, per se.

  • Drewtravers

    It’s hard for me to NOT classify this as photography. Why is this any different than a good portrait photographer using several lighting sources? The subject is static, a bunch of exposures are taken… and a very skilled person uses his experience, artistic senses and a huge amount of patience to create an image.  A portrait, a piece of art… call it what you will, It’s still photography. And damn good at that.

  • Marco

    I agree

  • Janez


  • Anonymous

    Who cares what HCB would have tought? Totally different fields of photography. It is definitely a photograph, it’s just composited of a “few” exposures, just as almost any car, property etc. advertisement.

  • funnyandspicy

    I love it a lot like..

  • Matt Fisher

    Regardless of whether the end result is a photograph or not (and I think it is) it looks like fun. I’m going to give it a go tonight.

  • Muddy250

    Looks kinda like a Dave Hill. He also takes great pains to get the lighting right, great shot!