This Photo May Have Been Taken with the Upcoming iPhone 5

What you see here may be the first leaked photograph shot with the upcoming iPhone 5. The EXIF data claims it was shot with the iPhone 4, but other EXIF details indicate otherwise. Although the leaked image was cropped, the original size of the image was 3264×2448 (roughly 8MP), the rumored resolution found on the next iPhone. The lens info was recorded as “4.3mm f/2.4″, more similar to a point-and-shoot than then 3.85mm f/2.8 lens found on the iPhone 4. Finally, the geotag info in the photo shows it was taken at 37.33216667,-122.03033333 — the location of Apple’s headquarters. Check out the full-res file with EXIF intact here.

Update: Wow… Apparently a reader over at This is My Next enhanced the image to reveal a person holding what appears to be a phone (thx Mitchell!):

(via Pocketnow via TechCrunch)

  • Bork McGork

    Be still my beating heart.

  • Fumatodimaria

    Apple iPhone 4 | 4.28mm F2.4 1/30 ISO64 | 2011:07:22 11:52:50 | Adobe Photoshop CS4 Macintosh

  • Flgraphics

    I was really hoping for a 4.25mm F2.2


  • Michael

    i can barely contain my lack of interest.

  • Joe

    What a sensible lunch.

  • Joe

    What a sensible lunch.

  • Guest

    I just wish to underline to anyone who missed the very salient point that this article is not personally relevant to Michael up there. I understand that some of you came to read an article about iPhones because you do possess a personal interest in them, but Michael up there bothered to spend the time to point out that he doesn’t care about them, and you should take notice. It is important. Please, PetaPixel: Next time you post an article, think about whether it is relevant to Michael.

  • kelly hofer

    Dude, i can barely contain my laughter

  • Dave

    How was the Uni?

  • Posit

    I’m sure Michael ‘stumbled’ here and couldn’t possibly own a smart phone

  • myname

    Haha, so everything was changed accept geotag? Are you sure somebody, or maybe you didn’t take the image with a normal point&shoot camera and change the exif to have this geotag & iphone 4 ? It is absurd to believe geotag is correct and other information is changed!

  • Jonathan Damian
  • Adam

    Making a 
    perfect photograph is a talent. Digital equipment has ruined the art or waiting for the
    right moment. Most photographers just keep clicking and hoping that one of them
    will be the ‘one’. Love and feeling, for taking a good photo is slowly becoming
    lost in the jungle of editing. Most of the good photos today happen by pure
    accident. So spending one and the half year chasing that perfect photograph is unbelievable
    show of Love and Care for perfection.

  • Michael

    i aim to please ;-)

  • Michael

    me thinks someone takes life a tad too seriously.   it was just a throwaway remark on a throwaway article.