Shooting a Big-Budget Hollywood Film with Canon DSLR Gear

Filmmaker Philip Bloom recently helped Lucasfilm shoot parts of their upcoming film Red Tails. The behind-the-scenes video above gives an interesting glimpse into what it looks like when pretty ordinary DSLR gear meets the big budget world of Hollywood filmmaking. The cameras are hooked up to some pretty serious equipment.

You can check out a trailer for the movie here — Blooms says that a number of his shots can be seen in it, but is keeping mum about which ones.


    That you can’t tell which ones, is telling in itself. Viva the revolution.


    That you can’t tell which ones, is telling in itself. Viva the revolution.

  • Nparker8

    needs to be graded, very flat look, bah, oh well so goes the behind the scenes.

  • Austin

    Are there advantages to big budget movies using dslrs?

  • Human785

    smaller budgets?

  • EZ

    Hold on. I tried to watch the video, but I’ve fallen into an uncontrolled bliss dream of what I would buy for my 5D with a camera budget from LucasFilm.

  • Trudy

    Awesomeness. :)

  • Trudy

    Awesomeness. :)

  • Anthony Burokas

    Sort of blows the concept that vDSLRS are smaller, lighter & cheaper.

    For a quality production, you need to be good, and have good lighting, have good audio, be able to properly assess and monitor your video, and doing all of that usually takes crew. The bigger the production, the more actors, the bigger the scene, the more critical it is to ensure the shot you are getting is right (because time is mney) so the more important it is to have a DIT, an engineer, a media wrangler, a camera assistant, audio, maybe even a focus puller, etc.

    At which point, go get a real production camera because whatever “cost” you saved with a vDSLR is a pittance compared to all the other expenses in the production. Plus there are far less workarounds with regard to high quality image monitoring, scopes, internal audio, etc.

    I’m glad that many of the high-profile vDSLR proponents have moved on and purchased real large sensor camcorders because they know that workarounds for vDSLR limitations are not necessary and making your job easier is more important than saving a few bucks on the camera body alone (all the lenses cost the same no matter what camera you use them on.)

    Just MHO.

  • ruth

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  • Andrew MacDonald

    Please excuse my asking, but what is a DIT please? Im quite new to DSLR Videography, so sorry if it seems like a dumb question.