Sigma Exec Apologizes to Customers on Twitter for SD1 Price

Apparently Sigma was aiming for a much lower price when developing the SD1 DSLR, but was forced to price it high after putting in whole bunch of “great stuff”. The company’s Chief Operating Officer Kazuto Yamaki is responding to user complaints on Twitter with some apologetic Tweets, saying the company had missed the price range that they had originally targeted. Perhaps the SD1 wasn’t designed as a halo product after all…

(via 1001 Noisy Cameras)

  • Skinner Photographs

    I guess the price release went over like a fart in church! You definitely don’t see an apology letter immediately following a new unveiling. Wow.

  • Anonymous

    Very true. Hopefully Sigma can save face now and get on with it, because between this and the patent issues over their VR technology it has been a bad few weeks for them.

  • Anonymous

    So how did nine months and vague “special features” equal a 5x price jack?  I see nothing special about the camera that merits the price for an APS camera.  They have a sizable lens lineup, but they’re hit or miss in terms of quality control such that it’s not worth it for other systems except to fill in gaps other systems might have, or to save money.  But with the Sigma mount, all you have is Sigma brand lenses.

  • Kadarpik

    My EX sigmas are HQ have not tried any zooms and probably not going to try. Foveon 15 meg is great in spite of price. There are lot of photos we need non smoothed colors and this is the only camera with uniform color rep. Except Hasselblad multishots can do the same thing buy with multiple shots. Silicon tech pricr will be half in one year and sky is brighter then. From the other hand it is sad how expensive the sd1 is and how little most readers understand Foveon strengths. CaNikon is from the other hand best average pro camera suiting for most of the tasks but those users are sometimes too brainwahed that they prove at every site why their d3x is better than mf cameras. Hope we soon compare cameras with our eyes and forget that we had once only two compsnies at the market. I welcome competition, we have Sony, Pentax, Mamiya, Canon, Nikon and now Sigma all offering marvellous tools.

  • Brad Trent

    Apology accepted….now lower the price!I I personally don’t care if the things proves to be ‘better’ than both Canon or Nikon, for that money it would have to walk the dog & do the dishes, too!!!