Sony May Steal DSLR Market Share from Canon and Nikon During Shortage

Production issues experienced by Canon and Nikon (caused by the earthquake and tsunami) may soon allow competitors to eat into their dominant DSLR market shares and, according to a story by USA TODAY, Sony is pegged as one of the main benefactors:

Canon has 44.5% of the digital SLR market, followed by Nikon at 29.8%, Sony with 11.9% and Olympus at 5.1%, IDC says.

[…] At a time when many Canon SLRs are hard to find, due to production issues, the Sony models are not only in amply supply, but discounted to sell with special promotions.

[…] Sony has the name recognition, and ample shelf space in prominent stores.

These gains would likely be limited to first time buyers who are looking for their first DSLR — camera owners already committed to Canon or Nikon’s mounts are unlikely to switch systems just because of a temporary shortage.

Sony could benefit from shortages of Canon, Nikon SLRs [USA TODAY]

Image credit: SONY A55 by 246-You

  • Anonymous

    Much like the credit card details of 70million Sony PSN user were stolen? Eh? Eh?

  • Anonymous

    Ho ho ho, nicely played sir.

  • Christian Jung

    This is so…so DSLR-relevant.

  • freeboprich

    If first time buyers had any sense they wouldn’t buy a brand new camera off the shelf anyway, there’s that many slightly used ones available to buy out there, what difference can it really make? Shortage my foot, what a load of baloney.

  • Jon Alexander

    Now with auto upload feature! (disclaimer: we will let hackers have your photos, personal information, google maps satelite view of your house and provide bus fare to sex offenders)

  • Jyve

    What is Pentax’s share of the DSLR market? That sort of got glossed over.

  • Golferbyheart

    I don’t see Sony Stealing anything. They may just gain marrket share due to happenings in Japan!

  • Chung Dha Lam

    Whahahah probably only in the beginners class I doubt true professionals would buy a Sony they would stay true using Canon and Nikon which are the best.

  • Matt Fisher

    I have a Sony A850 and several G lenses and I would stack the image quality and usability against any Canon or Nikon on the market. The idea that Canikon are somehow “the best” is a myth, in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    The brand itself isn’t the issue here.  I think it’s more likely that professionals already have existing equipment investments, such as lenses, flashes, etc. and have a large disincentive to change systems because of a temporary shortage.

  • Eddie

    So could Pentax given they manufacture the lenses and cameras off shore (and the K5 is a pretty hot machine so is the KR)

  • Eddie

    I’d rather own a 645D than any of the nikon or canon product unless you shoot sports or low light consistently.

  • Peace 143

    Within next 10 years I a sure the market %age  of DSLR’s will change.More competition means more choices for the consumers.Being a sony user,I don’t feel the quality of images are inferior to canon/Nikon but I must admit that finding lenses is still a cumbersome job and does take lot of time and energy and the lenses are costlier as compared to canon/nikon…..having said so,I will stick to Sony……..

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you

    Sony…..a Joke