General Electric Planning to Jump into Mirrorless Camera Market

We may soon see an unexpected player enter the mirrorless camera market: CNET Asia is reporting that GE will be introducing a mirrorless camera by the end of this year:

[…] GE is looking to introduce its first Micro Four Thirds-like camera before the end of 2011. While no other details were revealed, it is clear that the company is hoping to be treated more seriously as a camera-maker. And with GE’s strategy focused on producing affordable cameras, it will be interesting to see how it will change the ILC industry. For consumers, this may also mean that ILCs will finally hit mainstream prices.

General Electric-branded cameras first hit the market in March 2007, and are also known by the brand name “General Imaging”. Who knows… maybe in the future they’ll be one of the dominant players in the camera market.

(via Mirrorless Rumors)

Image credit: General Electric Automatic Iron Box by Marion Doss

  • Chung Dha Lam

    Unless their camera got some really crazy innovations, I don’t see how a company who is not into camera and try to make a camere who does not have establish themselves real camera company would be able to join in and try to a piece of the action.

  • Adam Solomon

    Well, I’m sure they won’t find the field too taxing. Get it, taxing? ;-)

  • Ryan Troop

    I see what you did there…

    But as an American, I don’t get it :(

  • bycostello

    when can we get a proper full frame mirrorless camera?

  • Nparker8


  • Adam Solomon

    There’s been some controversy over GE’s accounting processes resulting in a profitable company paying no taxes on their profits: