Sony Says All Future Alpha DSLRs Will Have Translucent Mirrors

Sony and Olympus are headed in very different directions when it comes to DSLR cameras. While Olympus may be looking to step out of the DSLR market in favor of EVIL cameras, Sony is opting to stay put while transforming its line of DSLRs into translucent mirror cameras. During a Sony event in Zaragoza, Spain, company representatives confirmed to Quesabesde that all future Alpha DSLRs will have the translucent mirrors found in the A33 and A55.

If Sony succeeds in this technology shift, it will be quite a change from the 1960s, when Canon introduced their version of the translucent mirror for film cameras but ended up going back to normal mirrors before long.

(via Photo Rumors)

Image credit: Sony Alpha DSLR-A100 and accessory by Jacky W

  • alphan

    What a disappointment. I might change system, then.

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  • ranger9

    Gutsy call, but a realistic recognition of the fact that they aren’t going to grow much market share vs. Canon/Nikon unless they clearly differentiate themselves from the competition.

  • Atruse

    this is bogus.
    I talked to my Sony Rep this morning, (im in Vancouver, Canada)
    and he said this was a misinterpretation. this is not true, what is true is that yes they will continue the SLT’s and further their progress, but they will never fully drop the mirrior system.

  • Harveylind

    I was told by a SONY rep at the Consumer Electronics Show in early January that SONY would continue to produce DSLR cameras with both translucent mirrors and full mirror systems.

  • Photographicaparatus

    why would you change systems becuase of this? This is one big step forward for the way cameras are engineered. Mirrors in cameras will be a thing of the past, the only reason they still have mirrors is because we’ve grown used to it.
    Transluscent and mirrorless technology is the way of the future.