Old Laptop Transformed into a Custom Digital Photo Frame

Erik Pettersson was looking for a nice digital frame, but found that all the commercially available ones were too small, ugly, and cheap looking. He had an old Thinkpad T42 laptop lying around, so he decided to make his own custom frame. After installing Linux and writing some custom scripts for operating the frame, he disassembled it and joined it with a nice-looking IKEA frame. Best of all, he documented his entire process and published it online as a tutorial for those who want to make their own.

The Dynamic Painting Project (via Make)

  • Alfie

    Yeah… nice recycle. But as a buddy of mine just pointed out… You could do it all with PuppyLinux, boot off a memory stick and remove any moving parts (heat, noise, risk of mechanical failure, etc.). Heat, surely, being the main killer on the longevity of this frame?

  • Photo Framing London

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