Behind the Scenes of a “Friends in Frames” Photo Shoot

When Calle Hoglund had his buddies over one night editing a music video, he got the idea of creating a photo manipulation with his friends looking out from photo frames. The project took three hours from start to finish, and luckily for us they created a stop-motion behind-the-scenes video showing how it was done.

Workflow for the Time Lapse: Shot with my 40D every second then uploaded it to Lightroom3 where I cropped them before exporting to Quicktime Player 7 where the Timpe Laps is being made. Finally I added the two Time Lapse movies to Final Cut Pro where I added the pics and music.

It’s a fun glimpse of photographers being creative.

(via f stoppers)

  • Daniela

    I love the cat in the background! Its rather hilarious!

  • Collin Kromke

    The only improvement would be to erase the black background in the frames where the main subject’s shirt should be in the background.

  • Felice Candilio

    GREEEAT! I like it so much! In fact I love Photo Sessions Timelapses and Timelapses in general, here I want to share a couple I´ve done:


    Horizonte Inclinado

    Once again, great job “Friends in frames”!



  • Steve

    Ha ha quality good job guys

  • Ofirabe

    the only thing that was missing is that the holes infront of the shirt where suppose to have a colored BG like the shirt…
    but very cool!