Creative Stop Motion Instagram Skit Made from 1,600 Photos

Instagram announced the ability to shoot video earlier today, but before they did, two friends embarked on a project to make the best video they could while adhering to Instagram’s previous photo-only limitations. The result was a 1,600 photo stop motion video dubbed Instagrammimation that has gotten a lot of praise from viewers.

It might be hard to believe given how smooth the action is, but every single photo they used was actually taken on Instagram, and if you don’t believe it, you can follow creators Friends in Faux and see for yourself.

Of course, during the making they set the account to private and didn’t allow anyone to follow them — uploading hundreds of photos one right after the other (especially when they all look almost the same) is a good way to get reported for span and/or blocked. The final product took three weeks of planning, execution and editing.

Here’s a quick behind-the-scenes commentary video with Friends in Faux:

As you might imagine, it was a two step process. They had to shoot the initial Instagram images first, and then reshoot with the images open on the Instagram app, adding in the proper finger movements and such. In all there was a ton of time spent in the editing room, sometimes having to re-shoot segments that didn’t turn out quite right.

The work seems to have paid off: Instagrammimation has gotten a mostly positive response from the YouTubers who’ve thus far checked it out. To see it for yourself check out the video at the top and be sure to head over to YouTube for more info, as they spent some time answering commenter questions at one point.

P.S. Here’s another behind-the-scenes look. This is a time-lapse that shows the ‘filming’ of the final video from start to finish: