Augmented Reality Real-Time Translation on the iPhone

In addition to slowly replacing the need for compact cameras, the cameras found on mobile phones will also have a huge impact on how we live our lives in the area of augmented reality. Word Lens is a crazy new free app for the iPhone that translates between Spanish and English in real-time in the video feed, allowing you to read the world in your language through your cell phone. As this technology becomes available for more and more languages, it will change the way people survive in foreign countries.

  • Victormu

    Actually the translation is not free, its 4 bucks I think.
    What comes free is the ability of the app to flip words

  • mikesir87

    wow. just wow

  • Flgraphics

    that is genius

  • White Hot Phoenix

    I just tried this app and I can’t get it to work for shit. On the iPhone 3GS using the demo app, the camera lagged very badly and the the “erase words” feature only erased one or two letters at a time. Even after putting it under an octabox, the phone failed to erase or reverse any words.

  • Denver Warner

    People need more excuses to be lazy and ignorant? Seriously?

  • Goiniro

    Pretty amazing, though well, sorry to say it, but English to Spanish sucks; and Spanish was weirdly written to give out a good English translation but is a bad Spanish.

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