Bruce Lee’s Secret Weapon of Choice

Well whaddya know, it looks like besides being a masterful ping pong player, Bruce Lee was also an avid Nikon user!

Kudos to whoever can identify exactly what Lee is using in this photo.

Bruce Lee uses Nikon! (via Nikon Rumors)

  • Zve482

    FM 100, tele converter and a 200mm lens

  • Ante Vukorepa

    Nikon F2 with the MD-1 winder. Not sure about the lens.

  • Patrick

    F3 with an MD-4, 80 – 200 lens and a unknown Teleconverter

  • Jim

    Well, he should be using a tripod, but isn’t!

  • Andreas Puhl

    That’s Bruce Lee, man ;) He doesn’t need a tripod, he doesn’t shake.

  • Maris Kiselov

    There are some rumors that Chuck Norris use Canon…

  • Michael Zhang

    Tripods use chuck norris

  • awgnasuha

    boy is this for real? hahaha :D

  • Paul V

    The camera is certainly an F2 with the standard (non-metered) finder. Just below the camera you can see the motor drive (MD1) and battery pack. It looks like he is using a teleconverter plus a telephoto lens. I’m not sure which lens would have been avaiable prior to 1973 (when Bruce Lee died) that had strap lugs on it.

  • Wolf

    The next question would be: What was he taking a picture of at this moment?

  • Mohammed Ahmed.

    Bruce Lee Secret Weapone is Nanchacku.

  • Zoj74

    I believe this was during filming set of Enter the Dragon where Jim Kelly was battling Han, as i noticed in the background a bird cage, but i could be wrong

  • Leicamanm4
  • Mark Alan Thomas

    Well that clears THAT up!