Surfer Films Great White Shark Circling Below with a Ten Foot Pole

Chuck Patterson was SUP surfing with friends one day when two sharks joined them and circled around for 15 minutes. Rather than have the encounter deter them from surfing there again like it would for mortals, he returned to the same place the next day at the same time with a Go Pro HD HERO camera at the end of 10 foot pole.

Within 5 minutes a Great White shark approached him, and this time he was able to capture the encounter on film. The footage is pretty creepy, and reminded me of a Godzilla movie I saw when I was younger, where a scuba-diver runs into a freaky looking Godzilla-tadpole thing underwater. No ocean swimming for me.

  • Jonathan Wannemacher

    balls of steel

  • Jason Moon3r

    that dude needs a bigger boat!

  • seegullmedia

    At least he used a pole, and not his hands!

  • Uscnc2005

    this guy is in san wife is freaked out since my kids surfs in that area

  • Mike S.

    I am speechless

  • mr_leadpump

    Watch the documentary ‘Sharkwater’ and you’ll the whole ‘shark’thing different.

  • Genwoundwort

    when you see how lousy the water visibility is no wonder predators like these take a bite out of humans believing it to something tastier (ie, seal). This one was curious but didn’t look that aggressive … still scary though

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