Are These Leaked Photos of the Upcoming Canon 60D?

Here are a couple photographs that made their way onto the Internets today via a Japanese website. They seem to be actual “spy” photographs of the camera with an L lens attached, and it looks like a tilt-screen does in fact exist on the back.

We enhanced the second image a bit, and found that the photographer seems to be reviewing photographs of airplanes taking off or landing. It’s possible that he was testing this upcoming camera out in the field, and was photographed doing so.

Do you notice anything interesting about the camera in these photos?

(via Canon Rumors)

  • Tamara Kwan

    Oh cool! Flip out screen!

  • GarySimmons

    The thing I notice the most is the lack of buttons… None on the left of the screen, just regular ones on the right. Where are the other buttons?

  • stuperhuman

    Yeah, there’s no way he was taking a picture of a plane at 30,000 ft! Plus, might just be me but the contouring above the screen and all the way across looks different in the two photos.

    Still, flip out screen would be boomtings.

  • Ted Belton

    the canon rumours forums seem pretty convinced by these… and i don’t doubt that these are likely features. but i agree with stuperhuman. i was waiting for someone else to notice the strange contouring in the first image. it almost looks like the perspective is a bit off. it could just be an odd angle, though.

  • Shane Carlson

    hmmm….No video controls?

  • Gheorghita Teodoru

    A “C”ustom setting on top dial. That’s a first for xxD cameras.

  • Chris Gonzales

    “Do you notice anything interesting about the camera in these photos?”

    Yeah, I noticed that they’re not even the same camera….

  • Danny Garcia – Miami

    Touch screen?

  • Kagiso Legotlo

    Canon I am impressed hey

  • Kagiso Legotlo

    Canon I am impressed hey

  • Kagiso Legotlo

    Canon I am impressed hey

  • Sc

    that wiould just be dumb, i cant keep my screen clean as it is.

    were are the rest of the buttons?

  • Givot M

    under the screen maybe

  • Stefan Heymanns

    Of course he wasn’t taking pictures of airplanes at 30,000ft. Most aviation photography is done around airports, with aircrafts taking off, landing or taxiing.

  • nikon

    Finally fixed the on off switch?

  • Anonymous

    it would appear that it is missing a thumb joystick as well. If this indeed the new 60d, then the interaction for taking photos is going to be drasticallly different without the joystick to select the focus point.

    I do hope that the button on the mode selection dial is a locking button to keep the dial in the selected position. I hate when I move with the camera to a new location and the dial gets changed to a different mode by inadvertant contact

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  • Mattit_TOFY

    The top photo plainly shows the thumb joystick’s surrounding the set dial/button.
    The on/off switch is akin to the old AE-1 style. It looks like they took the left-hand buttons and moved them over to the right. Also looks like a “Play” button in the lower-right.

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