Polaroid Promotional Film from the 1970s

If you’re a fan of the Polaroid SX-70, this promotional video from the 1970s should stir up warm fuzzy feelings. If you’ve never used one, watching this might give you a better idea of why so many are obsessed with it.

Even if you’re already a SX-70 fanatic, you might learn a thing or two from certain parts of this video that shed light on exactly how the system works.

  • seegullmedia

    Wow, this really takes me back. It's amazing that this kind of technology is as old as it is. I've always loved Polaroid and I hated when I heard it was being discontinued. I'm glad they're starting it back up again, even if it might not look exactly the same.

  • Beardy Git

    Can't help thinking that the SX70 was simply an earlier way of meeting the same need that an LCD on the back of a digital camera does: immediate feedback and the ability to share what you've just seen with others.

    OK, after watching the video, perhaps 'simply' is the wrong word. A wonderul invention at the time!

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