Imagining What a Canon EVIL Camera Might Look Like

Canon recently indicated that due to consumer demand for smaller cameras, they’re working on shrinking their traditional SLR system to make it more portable while retaining the mirrored design. It’s still possible, however, that they’re simultaneously working on developing their own EVIL camera to battle existing offerings and the camera Nikon is likely working on.

The above is a concept design by Idan Shechter over at Digital Photography Writer of what a Canon EVIL might look like. Do you think it looks better or worse than current EVIL offerings?

  • Fastactingrelief

    I certainly hope Canon can do better than that.

  • Andy J. Scott


  • Fred

    please, do not produce…

  • rho

    People who cannot use a DSLR should just buy a point and shoot IMO

  • Jim McCormick

    Nice design. I'd be thrilled to carry one.

  • Mandyzuda

    do not like.
    I love the idea of making a more portable SLR, but I miss the logo on top… also seems squished, I don't know.

  • Rainstir

    I think I just puked a bit.

  • Pallis

    This sucks!

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  • jeff

    I truly hope that Canon takes this new direction and understands that we want smaller more portable cameras not for style but to be able to work in adverse conditions; W E T, cold, dusty while producing results that mirror the quality we get from SLR sized sensors.

  • Josh

    I hope it is much closer in style to an interchangeable lens G12. Front & rear control dials and the ISO/mode/EC dials and a hotshoe would be ideal for me when I don’t want to lug around my 1D3 but I need more than my G11.