Canon EOS-0: All the Bells and Whistles You Never Wanted to See on a DSLR

The Canon EOS-0 is what you get at the Apocalypse when all the major camera, software, and operating system companies get together to unleash unspeakable evil into the world. It’s a camera with a little bit of everything: support for every major lens mount, a drive for various kinds of discs, Windows Vista as the operating system (shudder), Photoshop available on the giant widescreen LCD, etc… Pretty much the only thing you won’t find on this camera is a toaster.

Here’s a closer look at the camera:

Photographer Emin Kuliyev Photoshopped this funky “frankencamera” together back in 2007.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Itai N!

Image credits: Images by Emin Kuliyev and used with permission