Flamethrower Versus Fire Extinguisher at 1000 Frames per Second

Lets say you had an uber-expensive Phantom slow motion camera, a flamethrower, and a fire extinguisher at your disposal. What would you do?

Well… probably this!

This is official music video for the song Ritalin by Dancing Pigeons. It was shot on a Phantom camera at 1000 frames per second.

(via Laughing Squid)

  • pablo

    And they still is!

  • Jesus


  • JimmyTheWizard

    Dog wins because he got the monkey toy.

  • Itsalwayssomethin

    Those guys weren’t quite disgusting…just rough and country. Do a Google search for “disgustingly ugly” and you’ll see something to *really* offend your sensibilities, ya big baby.

  • Helpforpotsmokers

    the guy with the tire extuingusher is from the identity parade in nevermind the buzzcocks!

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  • Holli_rae


  • Oswald

    this would be sweet if the dudes were hot….lame hillbilly weirdos

  • Kjdgf

    blaze it

  • LMFAO!

    What the hell is a tire extuingusher

  • zzirgrizz


  • Maynardsboy

    I was thinking about Gummo the whole time.

  • Emairelhd


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  • Geo NZ

    I agree!

  • nohomo

    There was an awesome, super expensive camera, a fucking flame thrower, and a fire extinguisher in this video, and you h-mo’s are talking about how ugly the dudes are??

  • Doof





    Fo Sho

  • Hannah

    I can only stare at ugly people for so long.
    The slow motion effect made it worse.

  • Imjda91285

    what’s the song?????

  • Torgeir Crabjws

    I agree. Well, they could have filmed the flames more than half a second (probably only 50th of a second) at the time, and their faces less. There is nothing interesting with facial expressions in slow motion.

  • die hipsters


    Simple-as-shit ape music and boring-ass video. “Hey, it was sorta cool once, but not long enough. What should we do? I know – SHOW THE SAME FUCKING THING TWICE!!11!1″ “Ugly dudes hrr drr”

  • Ema

    Two of the scariest people I’ve ever seen dukin’ it out with a flame-thrower and fire extinguisher in excellent slow motion with an epic soundtrack? What’s not to like?

  • Kickball9876

    it ruined the video they looked like evil wizards from harry potter

  • guest

    figure it out bud.. its a music video not a flamethrower demonstration

  • scoobydoowop

    That’s exactly right. Not realistic, just f’n awesome. If memory serves, flamethrowers “shoot” what is essentially napalm.

  • furryballs

    “flammable = inflammable? what a country!!!”

  • shuriken

    They and their suits, whether inflammable or non-flammable, would have been reduced to ashes.

  • washington irving

  • country roads


  • mostly good

    Amen sista. Or,…er…brotha. sall gud.

  • jewish bear


  • Mammyjams

    happens all the time.

  • Chappyjams


  • Strappyjams

    fucked but funny

  • Poppabear

    Agreed. +1 for usage of the word cretin; shit bags…i’ll give that a +5

  • whiskynorye

    know what i’m sayin? Just the fucken flamethrower alone man.

  • scwoller

    seriously. u don’t like it? do better.

  • Suckmydick

    holy shit! easily the ugliest people ive ever seen

  • Anonymous

    So many people complaining about the rednecks. Who cares you just saw a flamethrower shot at 1000fps – thats just awesome.

  • Evan

    Voldemort V. Harry right there

  • Evan

    Voldemort V. Harry right there

  • Evan

    Voldemort V. Harry right there

  • eek

    Wasn’t the guy with the fire extinguisher the same guy that played Gollum on the Lord of the Ring trilogy? 

  • Richard Sebastian

    Would love to see it at full speed

  • Richard Sebastian

    Would love to see it at full speed

  • Jord King

    Real life DBZ

  • Arxidia

    blah blah

  • Burd_b

    yes lets also endanger their lives for the sake of entertainment.  Dumbass