Apollo 11 Launch at 500 Frames per Second

This amazing video by Spacecraft Films shows the July 16, 1969 launch of the Apollo 11 mission that landed the first humans on the moon. The camera was rolling at a whopping 500 frames per second, allowing the first 30 seconds of the launch to be slowed down into this 8-minute narrated video of pure awesomeness.

(via Boing Boing)

  • Kcatmc2

    Faster than light speed travel?

  • Alps

    Im a graduate student, Im no crazy animal, and I would like to kind of agree with mark: moon landings :( cannot be real…

  • Justme_cd

    yeah it’s better to let the asteroid just hit earth than risk anyone blowing up on earth.

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    the mirrors are an interesting point

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    moon rocks are different then any found here on earth

  • Alps

    With the help of this video we are able to watch the launching of Apollo-11.Good to watch in super slow motion.

  • Emily1leigh

    Omg, why does everything have to turn into a debate??? Moon landing vs not landing, it’s just cool footage people! If you’re not into it, don’t watch it! Derrr!!!

  • Thomas Antony

    Its already been discussed to hell it seems. But just to add on to it. 

    People back here on earth were able to observe “urine dumps” ( Thats right! Piss being dumped overboard ) from the Apollo spacecraft, using a comparatively small telescopes.
    Many other mission events were tracked and photographed by numerous independent entities. Some amateur radio enthusiasts weer even able to record the audio transmissions.

  • Berry Johnson2011

    Spoken like a true republican. Let me guess, you want to cut education out of the budget too.

  • Evan Sinclair

    the idea that money spent on space is wasted is ill thought out and frankly untrue,
    the money isnt put into rockets and shot off the planet; the space industry is exactly that- and industry. The money spent on space exploration is put into the development of new technologies and education, which means that people are getting paid for the jobs that theyre doing towards space research/technical development, etc. and that money gets put back into our system:those people spend that money on food, mortgages and bills and so on. It doesnt just disappear, and the notion that it does and is being wasted is ludacris.

  • Stacy Fisher

    It’s like trying to convince small minds that the earth is round. They believe without knowledge.

  • MichaelL65

    Yeah, that 8 minutes of tax dollars being wasted…. I am guessing it’s about 8 seconds of the budget spent on the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • MichaelL65

    I’m sure the infamous Mrs. Gorsky would love a word with all those Moon Hoaxers.

  • Dbakeca Italia


  • Blah

    Wouldn’t this be -500 frames per second?

  • Blair

    Wait what does the white material do, again?

  • obbop

    And thus revealed the true cause for global warming.

  • obbop

    Technically, Hubbel does not see any distance. It only detects light that originated elewhere, travelled through space, and landed upon the detecting instruments aboard the Hubbel vehicle.

  • bruce

    Sam, my Father was an engineer at Martin Marietta in Littleton CO, during the 1960″s for those of you who don’t know it, that is where the lunar Ianding module was designed and built. My Father was overseeing the design and construction. At 9 years of age, I was present at the Martin gathering, watching the launch. I will tell you, that the joy, excitement, and congratulations shown by these highly intelligent engineers was not fake. Even more to the point, I have no faith that this group of men could be fooled. This is from my personal experience, and knowing these men. It was real, it was in 1969. Occum’s Razor.

  • James Smith

    LOL, of course I worked on guidance systems for Appollo when I was working at IBM. I also taught Chuck Norriss how to high kick. Yes, I am an impressive man aren’t I? You should come and read my blog!

  • Squeegee

    Do you really think for one moment your government, (or any for that matter,) would be able to manage such a huge secret and keep all concerned quiet about it for decades?
    Why, they even took three days to get to New Orleans to rescue and feed people.

  • Jack1952

    This is a comment I made 3 years ago and it took a minute to put it into context. I was being facetious. I have never heard of a “Dept. of Conspiracy”. It was a bad joke on my part. It was meant to poke fun at those who see conspiracy everywhere. I was speculating on how many people the government would have to employ to keep all these conspiracies afloat and secret.

  • Jeff Barber

    Republicans deny science in all circumstances it’s no wonder that they are against education.

  • Steve Borchard

    The education budget needs trillions cut. Get the feds out of the classroom!