“Death is the Road to Awe” Timelapse

This breathtaking timelapse was created by Tom Lowe of Timescapes, showing footage from his first film, “Southwest Light”. We love how camera movement adds another epic dimension to the footage, as if the stars spinning in the expanse overhead isn’t enough. If you have a minute and a half to spare, definitely take a look at this video.

  • Nikolaus

    That is incredible and moving.

  • joakimbergquist

    WOW! Best i have ever seen!

  • Ellen

    Breathtaking awesome! How do you make the camera move really slow while you leave it for hours? I would love to do that too.

  • Alex Newbury

    He may have done it the painstaking way, but if i recall correctly, he uses software (premiere pro maybe?) to add the pans in post.

  • Name

    He uses a camera dolly that moves the camera slowly

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