Photography and astronomy offer humanity a fascinating view into the universe.
The image is split into two panels: The left shows a bright full moon above a layer of clouds at night. The right displays an orange-hued moon rising over a city skyline with illuminated skyscrapers, including a tall, pointed one resembling the Empire State Building.

The Strawberry Moon Lit Up Skies Across the World This Past Weekend

This past weekend, sky watchers and astrophotography enthusiasts were treated to the mesmerizing sight of the "Strawberry Moon," the full Moon for the month of June. The celestial event, which peaked on Saturday night, provided a stunning display as it cast a warm, golden hue across the night sky.

A deep field image of space showing numerous distant galaxies and stars. An inset zooms in on galaxy JADES-GS-z14-0, highlighted with an arrow, displaying a more detailed view of the small, red galaxy against the dark backdrop of space.

This is the Oldest Known Galaxy Ever Photographed

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has been busy peering into the distant reaches of the Universe, otherwise known as the "Cosmic Dawn." This period when the Universe was only a few hundred million years old is a treasure trove of information about how galaxies evolved when the Universe was very young.

A graphical depiction of space showing numerous green dots representing space debris orbiting around earth, with earth at the center enclosed by concentric circular orbits.

AI Finds Nearly 30,000 Unknown Asteroids in Existing Telescope Photos

Artificial intelligence is used for a lot more generating fake images, scientists also use it to locate patterns in data that would otherwise have been impossible to see. Astronomers also use AI to improve image quality and analyze space photos. Some AI may even help save Earth from a catastrophic asteroid.