Sports Illustrated Tablet Demo Features Tons of Photos

This Sports Illustrated Tablet Demo by Jared Cocken came out a few months ago, before the announcement of the Hearst/LG/Marvell lovechild, the Skiff e-reader and Apple’s iPad. With the more announcements of technology that will become available just around the corner, this demo is worth a second look.

The demo is just one example of how tablet and advanced e-reader technology could be applied practically to bring the magazine medium into a digital format, not only adding an interactive feel, but increasing the scope of content — especially photographs.

While videos are also a prominent feature in the tablet demo, I get the reassuring feeling that magazines like Sports Illustrated won’t let go of still photography anytime soon as they shift into new media. In fact, photography seems to be a major selling point for e-readers and publications alike.

What do you think? Will the prospect of interactive magazines and photographs be enough to interest e-reader buyers and subscribers?

  • Jonathan McRobert

    Now THAT'S a magazine. But would they be able to “Big Brother” it like Amazon does with their stuff?

  • Phat Photographer

    Neat demo that really takes advantage of the new medium. Curious if the cost of putting together a “magazine” increases with the amount of content, multi-media and more sophisticated layout.

  • JessicaLum

    I wonder if it's a bit like a hybrid car — at first costs may be high, but after a while, they save on overhead/continuous costs from printing and distribution.
    I also wonder if it spells more jobs for photographers — or simply more tapping into agency (Getty/AP) photographs.