11 of the Best Action Photos of 2016

Red Bull Illume, the world's top action and adventure sports photo contest, has announced the winning photos for the 2016 edition. After receiving 34,624 photo submissions, the contest's 53 judges ended up selecting 11 shots as the best action photos in the world for 2016.

Photographing Windsurfers with On-Shore Flashes

Here's a look at how photographer Jaanus Ree recently captured some beautiful photos of windsurfers using off-camera lighting. By placing powerful flashes on the shoreline nearby, Ree was able to freeze the action and capture some remarkable shots.

Photographer Shoots Skydivers with a Helmet DSLR and Mouth Release

Skydivers often photograph and film their jumps with a GoPro camera, but what happens if you want to shoot higher-quality photos with a DSLR? The solution is to mount it to your helmet and find a way to trigger the shutter.

Photographer Wolfgang Lienbacher demonstrated this recently by jumping out of a plane with the Red Bull Skydive team with a DSLR on his head and a shutter release cable in his mouth.