Sony Invests $1 Million To Support Local Nonprofit Organizations

Sony today has announced an initiative that will see it invest a million dollars across a set of underserved and underrepresented communities by funding the efforts of nonprofits within them. The program is part of Sony’s social justice efforts and funded via its Global Social Justice Fund.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Take Your Next Travel Photo

It’s the fifth in a string of beautiful days, in a place a world away from our daily life back home. The sky is wide and blue. The air is thick with scents of food we’ve yet to try, and a language we don’t understand. But friendly smiles allow us to navigate our way through this country that is settling into our hearts.

National Geographic Magazine Now For-Profit Thanks to $725M Deal with Fox

Since 1888, National Geographic magazine has been the official journal of the non-profit National Geographic Society headquartered in Washington, D.C. Starting today, however, the magazine won't be non-profit like the society is.

The National Geographic Society just announced that it has signed a major agreement with 21st Century Fox. In exchange for $725 million, Fox will own 73% of National Geographic's media properties. That means the iconic yellow-bordered magazine is now very much for-profit.

Fantasy Photo Shoots Bring Hope to Kids with Cancer

Photographer Jonathan Diaz is using his imagination and portrait photography skills for a good cause. He's the founder of Anything Can Be, a Salt Lake City, Utah-based non-profit that's working to inspire hope in young cancer patients by bringing their dreams to life with photos.

Dear PPA, I Still Love You, But…

Note: I wrote this because, well, if you make your living with your camera, this IS your circus and these ARE your monkeys.

Dear PPA,

You know that I have had nothing but mad love for you. Even as I typed those words, I made a peace-sign with my fingers and thumped them against my chest. I’m street like that.

Photographer Offered Baby for $50, Raises $50K to Fight Human Trafficking

What would you do if you were photographing people in Bulgaria, there as a volunteer for an anti-human trafficking nonprofit no less, and you were offered a baby for $50.

The interaction seems outright absurd, perhaps even unbelievable, to those of us who have never experienced such a thing first hand, but that's what happened to Seattle-based photographer Tanner Wendell Stewart in 2012. It was the moment that would forever alter his life.

Photographer Seeks to Redefine ‘Beauty’ Through Photos of Genetic Diversity

For many years, Rick Guidotti was a jet-setting fashion photographer. When he stepped into the studio in Milan, Paris or New York, he was instantly in charge of taking a model -- already an example of what we as a society deem is beautiful -- and capturing his or her best side.

But fifteen years ago, while he was doing research for a shoot he had considered doing featuring a woman with albinism, he was taken aback by the in-humane photos he found in medical textbooks. Speaking with genetic counselors, he found out that many will cover up the photos on the informational pamphlets they give parents when delivering a diagnosis.