Lawsuit Wants to Make it Legal to Take a Ballot Selfie in November

If you're planning on taking a selfie with your ballot this November—whether it's to trumpet your political allegiance to the world, or just to celebrate the right to vote—hold on a second. Because if you live in one of several states, you might be committing a felony.

Facing Xenophobia as a Photographer in the US

With years of experience, I have learned how to handle most daily situations encountered as a photographer. With the emergence of social media, people can be very picky about photos and privacy. I understand.

Powerful Decade-Long Photo Project Retraces the Underground Railroad at Night

Photographer Jeanine Michna-Bales has dedicated the past decade of her life to researching and documenting the historical locations – both known and shrouded in mystery – that made up the historical Underground Railroad.

The resulting photographs make up her ongoing series Through Darkness to Light, and retrace the dark, unpaved path that thousands of slaves were forced to travel.