1970s Olympus Trip 35 Commercials Starring British Photographer David Bailey

Back in the 1970s, Olympus launched an advertising campaign for its Trip 35 35mm compact camera that featured renowned British photographer David Bailey. The 46-second commercial above is one of the ads that was aired: it depicted the popular racing driver James Hunt being confused for Bailey because of the Trip 35 he was shooting with.

Photographer David Bailey with 142 Other David Baileys

This photograph shows renowned British photographer David Bailey standing with 142 men who share his name. You might be wondering how such a strange photo concept came together. If you remember, last month we reported that Samsung had launched a unique marketing campaign that asked any UK resident named David Bailey to step forward.

Strange: Samsung Giving Away Cameras to Anyone Named David Bailey

Samsung is doing one of the strangest promotional stunts we've seen in recent times. To celebrate the new NX1000 mirrorless camera announced back in April, they're giving away the camera to anyone in the UK named David Bailey.

That's right. If you share a name with the famous British photographer -- regarded as one of the best in the land -- then there's a NX1000 with your name on it.